5 Reasons to Spend Thanksgiving in Ocean City

Ocean City is filled with tradition, and in Ocean City, it’s  a mixture of tradition, nostalgia and a love for the beach. People have their favorite places to visit, their favorite foods and things to do when they come to the beach.

Thanksgiving weekend in Ocean City

1. Make a New Tradition, or Celebrate an Old One

Building an Ocean City Thanksgiving tradition is a relatively easy thing to do. It startswith planning a meal. There are two ways of doing Thanksgiving, going out or staying in. For people who are more the staying in types, many of the better hotels have packages that include dinner. Lots of local restaurants are open as well, but whether you’re staying at the hotel or just coming to dinner, you should read this list of options for Thanksgiving:

Winterfest of Lights

2. Winterfest, obviously

Winterfest starts at Thanksgiving and it’s one of the biggest and coolest light displays on the East Coast. Spend some time in the Winter Wonderland created by the town as part of its Winterfest Village. Even if you can’t make it down for Thanksgiving, the Winterfest experience alone is worth the trip. Get some cocoa, take a walk, meet the big guy. You know, the usual.

Ocean City Winterfest:  Your Guide to Winter in Ocean City Md

Who can resist salty seaside oysters?

3. Expand your Thanksgiving Menu

Start a new tradition by adding some of the fresh local seafood available in Ocean City every fall.  Try O\oyster stuffing or shrimp cocktail.   Joe from the Shrimp Boat stays open during the holidays to deliver (or have people pick up) some of their favorite seafood. The point is, if seafood isn’t part of your tradition you can make it one. If it is, we know a guy:

Get fresh fish from the Shrimp Boat all year – OceanCity.com

Assateague Island ponies

4. Get out and enjoy all nature has to offer

Fall at the beach is quieter with wide open beaches and lots of wildlife. Get out and do some exploring, maybe have a photo adventure or just walk along and enjoy the quiet.

house on the bay in ocean city md

5. Find a new place to stay

People with summer homes in the area often come to town as a last great hurrah.  They have their Thanksgiving celebration, pack up the house for the winter and spend one last family weekend of reverie at the house. If a house at the beach is something on your shortlist, maybe now is the time to start checking it out.

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…And one reason to visit OceanCity.com

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Jessica Bauer
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