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A Lot Can Happen in a Week – With Bad Weather.

The Week in Pictures –

From the sunny days early in the week when Oceans Calling was scheduled to attract 50,000 fans to the rescue of a front end loader from the surf and coastal flooding, this has been a wild week.  Here we review the week in photos

Oceans Calling Sets up on the Beach 

Oceans Calling set up at the inlet prior to any threat from Ian

The beginning of last week was sunny and warm, as it has been for the last few weeks.  Hurricane Ian was threatening Puerto Rico and was predicted to hit Florida, but we weren’t too worried yet.

The Boardwalk was Busy in Anticipation of the Biggest Concert Event EVER in Ocean City

The fences for Oceans Calling were up as was the traffic on the boardwalk in anticipation of the big concert weekend.

Plastic decking material was laid down on the sand to allow all those cars to drive on the beach as they set up for Oceans Calling.  People watched the process with interest even though the boardwalk benches were fenced off from the public.  That plastic decking becomes important later as our story starts to unfold.

The Stage Stands Ready, but the Clouds & Wind are Moving In.

The stage stands ready for the concerts, but the clouds have moved in and the wind is picking up as Ian marches north from Florida.

The press/box office opened Thursday at noon and the rumors were flying that the Oceans Calling concert weekend might cancel.  The white tents and the fabric on the big stages had already suffered some wind damage, but the decision to cancel wasn’t communicated to the public until early Thursday afternoon.  

Oceans Calling Canceled the Event 

The message most expected but nobody wanted to hear.

Now that the decision was made, the team had to get their stuff off the beach to be sure that everybody and everything was safe. As you can see, there was already damage.

The Oceans Calling Team Starts Rapidly Breaking Down Tents & Signage

The team works quickly to get the tents down as the wind picks up and the clouds threaten the rain that is to come.

The stages are gone but the “Duradeck” remains on the inlet side of the pier

The “Duradeck” is down and water has already covered the beach

Water had obviously covered the beach – and the duradeck – on Friday evening, but by late morning as the tide was coming back up, the duradeck remained, albeit, a little buried.

The Tide Rushes In with Crashing Waves

Big waves as seen from the Ocean City pier.

The waves crashed into the pier and onto the beach, creating a problem for those working on the shore to collect all the tents, duradecking, and other accoutrements left over from the Oceans Calling Festival.

2 Loaders Try to Save the “Duradeck” and a Rescue is Necessary.

Two front end loaders try to save the duradeck

Unfortunately, the ocean had other ideas and trapped one of the loaders in the surf.  With sand well above his wheels, the rescue mission ensued.  

The rescue starts, but this first attempt fails and the driver in the swamped machine must be getting worried.
More help arrives and the successful rescue begins as the tide starts to recede.
And he’s back on the beach!
The rescue efforts drew quite a crowd despite the wind and rain.

Monday isn’t Much Better 

With coastal flood warnings, high wind alerts, and 8-12′ waves predicted through Tuesday and rain continuing through Wednesday, the only good news is that it is supposed to be GORGEOUS this weekend.  

Big waves in the bay on Monday morning
The waves were big Monday morning, even at low tide.
Monday was not a beach day! The north wind is driving the sand down the beach.
Waves lap the docks in Ocean City – at low tide. High tide will be worse.
Downtown flooding Monday afternoon
Downtown flooding Monday afternoon
Downtown flooding Monday afternoon

The Flooding Continues Across the Lower Shore

Meanwhile the storm is causing rising tides across the lower shore. Here the Wicomico River is flooding and closed the Whitehaven Ferry.


Ann has been with StateVentures since 1999. She moved from Annapolis to Berlin, MD to be closer to Ocean City. She splits her work week between the two locations to help clients and visitors get the best information and value out of our sites. She loves a camera and any excuse to use it.  Her kids are both grown and off adventuring.  Ann loves to travel with her kids and lives with her dog Marley when she's not in Virginia fishing.

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