Best Activities in Ocean City

Best Activities in Ocean City

Each year readers vote on the best of everything in Ocean City. We also have a panel of experts around Ocean City who pick their favorites based on local experiences, which we refer to as Editor’s Choice. Click here for this year’s voting.

Whatever the weather and whatever your preferred form of entertainment, there’s always something to do in Ocean City. The bay is riddled with watersport centers for the adventurous vacationers, just as Coastal Highway hosts an abundance of mini-golf courses for those who prefer a more relaxed kind of fun. Either way, you’re sure to have a great time.

Best Fishing Charter

The Angler boat

If you’re looking to reel in sea bass, cod, trout and everything else the Atlantic Ocean has to offer, sign up for one of the Angler’s Deep Sea Fishing Trips and set sail on their 65-foot fiber glass party boat with your fishing rod in hand. If you’re looking for more of a scenic adventure, their Nature Cruise will take you around Assateague Island to see the ponies and waterfowl, and the Evening Scenic Cruise treats boaters to a trip around OC and the bay as the sun sets.

Runner-up: Happy Hooker

Editor’s choice: Judith M

Docked at the Bahia Marina right next to Fish Tales, the Judith M departs twice a day to fish for black sea bass, flounder, tautog, jacks, blue-fish, triggerfish, croaker and more. Judith even offers an evening sunset cruise, providing the most beautiful way for families to unwind and listen as a narrator provides a little ocean education. 

Best Mini Golf

Old Pro Golf

Since 1965, Old Pro has been treating professional and amateur golfers alike to challenging games at all four of their locations. Fuel your imagination with whatever your heart desires, whether that be underwater, safari, Renaissance castle, dragon, dinosaur or pirate-themed courses. You’ve seen all of Old Pro’s fantasy sculptures every time you drive down Coastal Highway – the dinosaurs don’t bite, so why not get to know them a little?

Runner-up: Lost Treasure Golf 

Editor’s choice: Old Pro

Old Pro
At Old Pro you can play a game of golf through any era, including the Jurassic.

Best Parasailing

OC Parasailing

At OC Parasail, you can choose high up you go, so whether you’re looking to relax while watching the sunset or experience a wild ride over the ocean, your flight will be smooth, safe and tons of fun. Nothing compares to the feeling of flying over the water while dolphins swim beneath your feet, and OC Parasail offers the best parasailing adventures in all of Ocean City.

Runner-up: OC Watersports 

Editor’s choice: Paradise Watersports 

Paradise Watersports is another business that offers choose-your-height parasailing over the ocean. They have brand new boats that hold up to 12 passengers, so the whole family can ride along and partake in the adventure, and up to three people can fly through the air at a time. Bring a waterproof camera, because at 800 ft. you’ll get the best views of Ocean City, Assateague and even some of the Delaware beaches.

Best Jet Skiing

Odyssea Watersports

For the ultimate thrill on the bay, Odyssea’s jet skis are the best Ocean City has to offer. Family owned and operated for 20 years, Odyssea has a private beach, experienced guides to assist watersport newbies, and top-quality jet skis, pontoon boats, kayaks and stand-up paddle boards.

Runner-up: Action Watersports 

Editor’s choice: Odyssea Watersports

Jet skiing is one of the best things you can do on a hot day in Ocean City.

Best Kayak Rental

48th Street Watersports

Located on the picturesque Isle of Wight Bay, 48th Street Watersports is one of the only places in Ocean City that offers kayak eco tours, where guides will help you get out on the water and catch an intimate glance at all the plant and animal life that the bay has to offer. You can see diamondback terrapins, Maryland blue crabs, ospreys, egrets, horseshoe crabs, jellyfish and sometimes even stingrays and skates as you glide over the shallow waters of the bay.

Runner-up: Coastal Kayak 

Editor’s choice: Ayers Creek 

Located on the water of Ayers Creek just off of Assateague Road, Ayers Creek Adventures offers eco tours on the creek in addition to single and tandem kayak and stand up paddle board rentals. Up to eight people can fit onto one large stand up paddle board, making for a fun and involving adventure with the entire crew. 

No experience needed, as guides are always available to help.

Best Surf Shop

Malibu’s Surf Shop

Surfers rejoice at Malibu’s Surf Shop, where you can find the best surf gear and boards that Ocean City has to offer. If you’re new to surfing but looking to ride the waves, Malibu’s offers private lessons every morning with seasoned instructors who are local to the Ocean City area. If you don’t have a board of your own, Malibu’s has rentals, too.

Runner-up: K-Coast Surf Shop

Editor’s choice: Chauncey’s Surf Shop

For over 20 years, Chauncey’s has been offering top-of-the-line surfing and skating equipment and is an old favorite for lovers of any kind of board. Even if you don’t surf or skate, Chauncey’s offers unique gifts, trendy clothing, jewelry and shoes and souvenirs that you’re not likely to find in any other shop on the beach.

Best Rainy Day

Fox Sun & Surf

You can see all the latest flicks and older films, too, at the Fox Sun & Surf Theater. Even when the rain keeps you from catching rays on the beach, it’s almost just as relaxing to lay back in the Sun & Surf’s luxury recliners and enjoy a movie while controlling the angle of your chair and the placement of your footrest.

Runner-up: Ripley’s Believe It or Not! 

Editor’s choice: Fox Sun & Surf

Sun & Surf marquee
Check online to see what’s playing or just glimpse at the marquee next time you drive through North Ocean City.

Best Indoor Activity

Fox Sun & Surf

Contrary to what you might think, there’s a plethora of indoor activities to enjoy in Ocean City, ranging from mini golf to museums. But not only is Fox Sun & Surf your go-to on a rainy day, they’re generally a go-to whenever you crave air conditioning and the comfort of the indoors.

Runner-up: Old Pro Golf

Editor’s choice: OC Screams 

Who doesn’t love a good scream? If you’re looking to escape the heat and don’t mind a little spook, OC Screams is the perfect indoor activity that’s sure to get your heart pumping. Located just off the boardwalk on Worcester Street, OC Screams is open Tuesday-Sunday nights and provides a two-story walk-through of a haunted, supposedly sunken ship. Just be on high alert, as the floors are known to move beneath your feet and zombified actors could jump out of the dark at any moment. 

OC Screams
Fair warning: OC Screams is not for the feint of heart!

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