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Walking the Winterfest of Lights

Two years ago, Winterfest of Lights changed to a walking event, which the majority of visitors to the festival loved. Over the last couple of years, we have had a lot of our readers posting pictures of their visit to Ocean City’s Winterfest of Lights, so we put together a collection of their photos to inspire you, and get you in the holiday mood. The general consensus is that taking the short walk on the paved paths around the park to see the thousands of sparkling lights and animated light displays was a great success! For those who have difficulty walking, there are plenty of spots to sit down to rest, or just take in the view. It is not necessary to walk to whole route to enjoy the event. There are scooters and powered wheelchairs available for rent, or of course, you can use your own.  So whether you can make it here in person or must view from afar, sit back, make yourself a hot chocolate, and take a look at some of our visitor’s pictures!

Find more information about Winterfest of Lights here.

Crystal Weade
We loved it! Hands down loved walking it!!! It was so much better!
Diane Beury Mason
Yes, loved it. I really liked walking more than the tram
Mary Clapsaddle
I really liked being able to walk through (although the pathways were very dark in a few areas). Had a great visit!
Robin Lynn
Frances Sudano
The Winterfest of Lights…was amazing this year. From the beautiful illuminations, selfie stations. to hot chocolate and Santa…
Crystal Weade
Loved it! Walking it was great! Also all the dressed up dogs were so cute! Truly a fantastic event
Jonathan B. Mauldin
Robin Lynn
Wendy Cregger
Yes! A great time! Love OC
Melanie Reed
Beautiful display!
Denize Terzigni
Jennifer Warehime Millett
We had such a great time.
Lisa Roselle
Jennifer Hammel Slovick
Heather Thomas
This year walking through the lights is by far the best time I’ve ever had . My kids even said they felt more engaged and surrounded by Christmas . Thanks for putting this together!
Jessica Cronin
Angela Patricia. Engagement day 11/29/19! Yes we did!!
Deb Maggio


Find more information about Winterfest of Lights here

Anne grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland, and came across Ocean City for the first time over 30 years ago and shortly after it became her permanent home.  When time allows, Anne still loves to travel. She has been with OceanCity.com since September 2014.

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