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Take a (virtual) Walk on the Boardwalk

The almost 3 mile long Ocean City Boardwalk is the perfect place to go for a walk or a bike ride, never failing to entertain. From 1900, there has been some form of Boardwalk in Ocean City. The original Boardwalk was lifted at the end of every summer, and, like the boogie boards and beach towels of today, put away until needed the following year. By 1910, the Boardwalk was permanent, running just five blocks but expanding to 15th street by the 1920’s.  Visitors continued to enjoy the Boards through the following decades, and in the ’40’s and ’50’s, dressing up to promenade along the narrow boards was something of a tradition. On hot days, it was possible to sit underneath the raised Boardwalk to shelter from the sun, and many a local child would spend their evenings looking for lost change at the end of the day, under the Boardwalk. The Boardwalk fell victim to the great storm of 1962, but it was rebuilt to the Boardwalk we recognize today, which now ends at 27th Street.

When you take a walk or a seat on the Boardwalk to people watch, and you will be continually captivated by the array of personalities streaming past you.  The sights, smells and sounds you encounter will stay with you for life. The experience you have on the Ocean City Boardwalk can change depending on the time of day or the time of year, but no matter which season, or whether it’s morning, noon or night, it is sure to be a delightfully enjoyable and entertaining time.  Take a Walk on the Boardwalk with us from your laptop or phone, until it is safe to do so in reality. Be a hero, stay home and enjoy Ocean City from your living room.

Summer on the Boardwalk

Picture Perfect Boardwalk

Ocean City Life Saving Museum, at the south end of the Boardwalk

911 Firefighter’s Memorial, Ocean City Boardwalk

Meet you under the clock!

Off season bike ride on the Ocean City Boardwalk

That’s one way to get around on the Boardwalk

Crowded Boardwalk evening

Taking it easy. Boardwalk style.

Easy riders

Snow time on the Boardwalk

The almost constant line at Thrasher’s

The perfect life: walking the Boardwalk

People watching on the Boardwalk

Stopping for a chat on the Boardwalk

Early morning bike ride on the Boardwalk

The Ocean City themed playground on the Boardwalk

It’s a dog’s life off season on the Boardwalk

A cold winter’s day on the Ocean City Boardwalk

Summer evening fun on the Boardwalk

No where to take a seat on this snowy Boardwalk day

Who’s doing the work here?

Family fun on the Boardwalk

Field trip, Ocean City style

Cruisin’ along the Boardwalk

Cruiser’s Boardwalk Parade

Remembering 911 in Ocean City

Bikers on the Boards

Busy on the Boardwalk

Waiting for a treat

Sunny Boardwalk Days

Blue skies over the Boardwalk

Iconic view of the Boardwalk

Morning bike ride on the Boardwalk

Summertime on the Boardwalk

Evening on the Boardwalk

Palm trees on the Boardwalk

Ocean City Md Boardwalk

Morning bike ride on the Boardwalk


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