Pictures from a beach cloaked in fog

Pictures from a beach cloaked in fog


Have you ever walked along the Ocean City beach on a cloudy day?

The fog deters more of the tourists (though it helps when it’s a Wednesday morning), and makes for a peaceful, if a little bit spooky, stroll. 

Bonus: Your stroll will be all the more ambient if you walk along the pier against the Jolly Roger gate as Halloween-themed music emanates from the haunted house on the other side. Spooky indeed! You can hear it in the Facebook live below around the 1:30 mark. 


Don’t drive to the beach if visibility is bad, but if there’s just a little fog and a light, salty mist in the air, you won’t regret taking a quiet walk through it. 

Jolly Roger fog
The weather definitely gives Jolly Roger’s pier rides abandoned theme park-vibes.
Pier fog
The seagulls don’t mind a little mist.
Beach fog
After days and days of rain, Ocean City develops tide pools!
Pier fog
Under the fishing pier.
Lifeguard chair
No lifeguards out this morning.
Beach fog
It’s the perfect day for a shipwreck.
Somerset Plaza
Looking (or at least trying to look) toward Somerset Plaza.
Arcade’s still open!
Skee ball
But there’s no one around for a game of skee ball.
Boardwalk alley
Looking down a little alley toward more fog on the bayside.
Boardwalk flowers
Flowers try to bloom near the Life Saving Station Museum.

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