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Photo Friday Winner June 11th

Thank you to everyone who submitted pictures for our Photo Friday Contest this week. We were overwhelmed by the number of photos we received.  But what could be easier than taking a great picture while in Ocean City? You have the perfect backdrop for those smiling faces on the beach and Boardwalk. We received a number of “baby’s first…” photos this week: baby’s first time in the Ocean, first time walking on the Boardwalk, first time putting their feet in the sand, a reassuring trend to ensure family visits to Ocean City are secured for  future generations!  We love these photos, but we love to see all ages enjoying everything Ocean City has to offer, and creating memories. Take a look at a selection from this week’s  Photo Friday Contest.  They show rainy days, sunny days, the old and the young, beach, boardwalk, first timers, old timers, sunsets and sunrises,  and all sorts of memorable moments captured by your phones. This week’s randomly selected winner of 2 FREE tickets to Jolly Roger is Rita Walker-Giordano for this beautiful photo  of her granddaughter enjoying a ride of the Boardwalk.  Congratulations Rita! Please contact our Inbox on Facebook so we can arrange your prize. Keep taking pictures of Ocean City, and be on the look out for next weeks Photo Friday Contest.

Rita Walker-Giordano -My granddaughters first boardwalk bike ride. As you can tell by the smile, she loved it.
Katelyn Powell – We love Ocean City, our daughter Olivia enjoying pictures on the beach in a pool of water!
Ashley Brown – Cousins at ocean city over the weekend for our annual girls trip
Jill Corderman-McGonigal – Kitefest weekend. Catching huge bubbles.
Katie Carter – Our son back in April posing on the beach. Can’t wait to go back next week with him! Our little fish in the ocean!
Nicole ST – First time at the beach for this little #ocmdlocal (1month old)
Teri Off Bussler – On the boardwalk tram May 2021!!!
Anna Glad – My Niece At ocean city we are coming down again at the end of June so excited we love it
Shannon Diehl – My son took this Saturday!
Susie Jones – yum Thrasher’s
Anna White – One of the kids all time favorite places to play when we come to OC every year
Sara Stoops – Love Ocean City!! My boys can’t wait to come back in July!
Kristin Reifsnyder
June 7 – -Babies first time on the beach
Meaghan Leigh Poulin – We found The Mandelorian last week on the Boardwalk!!
Christina Baldwin – Ocean City is our happy place. The kids would live in the sand if they could.
Sally Bossert – Me putting my toes in the sand for my neighbor. We love OC, still make the trip from WV.
Mackenzie Ferrio – My 1 year old sons first beach trip!
Brittany Wallace – OCMD their favorite place to be!
Thomas Sova – #OldPro 28th Street!
Jo Jo – My daughter loving the OC beach!
Chelsea Trimmer – Memorial Day Boat ride. My boys seeing the drawbridge open for the first time, while going under it! We love OC!
Jamie Weston Schmidenberg – They thought this was a blast.
Lauren Francioli – 1st time winning a game on the boardwalk.
Jakii Hamilton – My boys first time on the beach and he absolutely loved it. Brought the dogs down before they weren’t allowed on for the season and I’m so glad I did. Our other dog liked it but wasn’t a fan of the water being cold. But Ruger jumped right in!
Ingrid Sink – OCMD….the one place they actually get along most of the day, even if it’s rainy and cold
Rhonda Brackett – Me and my 84 year old dad with my aunt the first time I have ever been to the beach with him
Tiffany Conklin – My girls at the beach! We come every year!
Kelli Hughes – First time boogie boarder.
Thomas Brady – Love Going To The Beach, Brass Balls
Restaurant, Fishing ,The Beach
Rick Williams – Love OC if it’s possible my daughter loves it even more
Stephanie Miller – Crazy storm coming in by the inlet!
Melindaa Shaw – Dylan’s 1st trip to Ocean city Md eating lunch @ the Crabcake factory
Megan Augustyniak – It was a little chilly when we went the end of April
April Tanner Doster
Laura Ward – Got my husband good on his birthday with this bathing suit. Our kids would love a special trip to the rides in OC!
Jamie Labouf Woerlee – First time at the ocean last week. Woke up early to catch the sunrise and spotted some dolphins!
Shannon Lang Waterbury – My babies on the beach! OC is our family’s favorite vacation spot!
Skylar Keller – Seeing the inlet lights for the first time at Crusin Week!
Barbara Eisenhauer
Sharita Tanner – Waiting to do the dolphin tour in OC! So much fun! Would love to come back to do it again…
Amberly Bradley – My family on the boardwalk in Ocean City headed back to our hotel.
Jessica Schuler Thompson – Making the best of a COLD Memorial Day
Lori Meilhammer – This is a smile only the beach can give
Josy Cordoba – After having fun in the games. Everybody got a prize! 5/31/21.
Christine White Gaylor – Fishing on The Angler.
Lauren Owsianiecki Gonce – Visiting in May for my daughter’s birthday!
Nicole Quigley – First Boardwalk trip for #minicoop
Sheri Mooney – Find someone who looks at you the way my daughter looks at Thrashers.
Nicole Davis – 14th street at sunrise
Mindy Huff – Ocean city convention center U S FINIALS CHAMPIONS 5/2021
Sarah Hixenbaugh – Getting burried in the sand is always so much fun!
Stacey Tetteris – Boardwalk bike ride… a few minutes later boardwalk bike ride in the rain!
Kathy Schlotterbeck – Her first trip to Ocean City!
Danielle LeVasseur Bisaillon – Father and son enjoying the OC boardwalk
Susan Newton Bishop – Your future OC Life Guards
Christie Newnam – My kids posing on the beach!!!
Lo Greulich – 39th street from our balcony
Janet McNevin Fedder – This is my nephew, Vinny. He absolutely fell in love with Ocean City!
Carley Popielarcheck – Our group last year!!
Anne grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland, and came across Ocean City for the first time over 30 years ago and shortly after it became her permanent home.  When time allows, Anne still loves to travel. She has been with OceanCity.com since September 2014.

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