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Photo Friday Contest Winner July 14th 2022

Thank you for all the submissions we had for our Photo Friday Contest this week. We love receiving photos taken during your vacation here in Ocean City Md, and we have put together a selection of your pictures submitted this week. As always, we have some spectacular Ocean City sunrises and sunsets, 4th of July fireworks, and patriotic outfits,  ice cream on the Boardwalk, first time fisherman, best friends and cousins sharing memories, mini golf, big donuts, and everyone thoroughly enjoying their time here in Ocean City!  This week’s randomly selected winner of two FREE tickets to Jolly Roger is Karen Bollinger for this great picture of pop with his favorite girl walking the boards on their first day of their vacation! Congratulations Karen! Keep taking pictures of Ocean City, and be on the look out for next week’s Photo Friday Contest.

Karen Bollinger – Pop and his favorite girl on their way to the first beach day of our vacation!
Guy DePalma Jr – GiGi and her Granddaughter, Averie’s 1st time @ OCMD
Kristen O’Neill – Enjoying the beach on the 4th of July
Katelyn Powell – Sitting on the rocks in Montego Bay on the 4th of July
Dawn Taylor – My grandson Wyatt enjoying the beach. He loves the water
Lindsay Muir Johnson – John & Payton Twinning at the beach on the 4th!
Karen Bollinger – After a few drinks at Riptides!
Angela Rivas – Nothing better than Dumsers!
Maureen Donahue Sutch – The Inlet at Sunset
Megan Strubel Juisti – Quick photo of my daughter before getting ice cream on the boardwalk
Tami Cox Rasel – Best friends and best memories are made in Ocean City Maryland. My kids and their friends- or as we like to think of them- our extended family.
Andrew Tyler – Both of our boys napping on the boat ride back to the house after a beautiful day at the beach.
Matt Zawislak – 47th street Jetty. Funny thing is before the Mother’s Day hella storm these rocks were buried under 8 feet of sand! Makes for a nice picture and holds some fish at high tide!
Noelle Marie – The beauty that is Northside Park at sunset.
Janel Quillen Flynn – Fireworks at Sundaes in the Park, Northside Park
Jess Cook – Beach dazeeee are the best days!
Kristen Monaco McGraw – Sunset stroll on the beach.
Luciana Coar – When all the guys were given the same shorts, and had no idea
Ben Semiatin – My awesome dad, Morris Semiatin, being honored with a Hometown Heros Banner on the Boardwalk. The sunbeam hitting the banner is from my mom in heaven. I didn’t notice it when I took the photo.
Karen Browning George – Beautiful sunset on the bayside. Managed to get some alone… relaxing time in my new retirement home I just bought. Cheers to me…I ❤️ OCMD!!
Rachel Landé – Rainbow after the storm
Stacey Eade – Sunrise walks on the boards…
Jennifer Streib McCurdy – Taking a break from our morning bike ride to enjoy the boardwalk playground
Kathryn Akimi Smith-McCartney – My Grandson Kingston enjoying the beach in his Uncle Luke’s wet suit and boogie board.
Mandy Fronina Rotkiske – Our first vacation together!
Melissa Davis-Bewley – The pure joy on their faces on the rides in Ocean City
Elizabeth Ann Hayes – My favorite night photo of pool light up at night taken with iPhone 13 pro max
Lauren Glushenko – View from the dinner cruise
Jean Mallory Walter – Sunrise is always a must to see in OC!
Brian-Heather Mills – Kid #9 (yes! She’s our 9th child- his, mine & ours) waiting for the best donuts at the beach! No trip to OC is complete with out warm fresh Fractured Prune donuts.
Susan Dieter – Higgins crab house. Because with 4 kids mom and dad can have some fun too!!!
Lorraine Ecker Gebhart – I just love this one!! The peaceful sunrise before the fun of the beach day begins!
Vickie Brown Anderson – Donuts at the beach make us happy!!!
Holly Hill Kravec – Taking an evening stroll with a neighbor’s dog with a torn ACL along Wight St. Our beach neighbors have become like family.
Brianne Drumm – A beautiful sunset with my 3 daughters!
Amber Moore – My daughters sand art
Ashley Pasquith – This is my 3 year old son Owen who happens to love visiting O.C when we can. This is him enjoying his favorite activity working in the sand at the inlet Beach.
Lisa Dillon – Rope walk is always a favorite for our kids!
Gabrielle Berri – Nothing like catching your first fish with your daddy at OC
Amanda Keyser – Siblings on vacation taking a quick break from walking on OC broadwalk…just having a seat! Lol
Amanda McCartney – Cousin beach day
Stacey Arthur – Got to sit in front of this wonderful sand creation on the beach
Young girl created it and added crushed seashells
36th street beach during 4th of July weekend
Stacy Swinder Davis
Rachel Harper – 4 yr old Gannon Shaw eating a ham Sammy at OC beach last year!
Brittany Sexton – Best of both Bay and Ocean.
Lori Fix – Enjoyed the weather today!!
Laura Armitage Smith – Just living their best lives! Going to make this pose an annual one
Alicia Bubash – Enjoying some mini golf!
Amy Urey – Enjoying the beach with my girls
Shannon Finley – Bre is headed to the waves where I’ll have to physically drag her from when it’s time to leave!
Gwenny Lizabeth – Beach babies
Jessica Oleksa Smith
Deanna Salter – I have 3 adopted boys and a daughter. They grew up here. Funds were tight at times to vacation but we always found ways to stay in the area and make it fun and memorable. From the boardwalk to nature trails, the park, etc. we have always enjoyed these moments as a family.
Deanna Salter – I have 3 adopted boys and a daughter. They grew up here. Funds were tight at times to vacation but we always found ways to stay in the area and make it fun and memorable. From the boardwalk to nature trails, the park, etc. we have always enjoyed these moments as a family.
Kim Updegrove-Brunner – My grandson loving the beach on our vacation
Kelly Schiberl – Living her absolute best baby life!
William Kirk – Angelina and Mommy Simo Sailing Aloysha at sunset 13 July 2022…”best thing ever in OC MD” Our Happy Place.
Gina Twardoski Reitter – Jurassic World in OCMD!!!
Deanna Salter – I have 3 adopted boys and a daughter. They grew up here. Funds were tight at times to vacation but we always found ways to stay in the area and make it fun and memorable. From the boardwalk to nature trails, the park, etc. we have always enjoyed these moments as a family.
Kim Dunn Holmes – Enjoying mini golf while on vacation was the best.
John Zander – Fishing off the OC Pier with my daughter
Brandy Starkey – Took this the first night we got to OC. We just finished walking the boardwalk and we were headed to the car as a small storm was coming in. My family absolutely loved OC
Kayla Soles – these kids loved ocean city!
Tammy Kratzer – We had a fabulous 4th of July at our favorite vacation spot!!
Kim Sweeney – The seagulls on the boardwalk looking for Thrasher’s fries is an OC staple!
Jerika Yoder Kalp – Love adventures to the boardwalk!!
Jennifer Stevens – Hanging out with American Idol Jay Copeland at Coconuts.
Kristy Lackey – Sitting on our balcony watching a storm cloud roll in
Lydia Swope – Sunrise in June on 89th. Love the still of the water.
Abby Buckley – My son enjoying his first trip to Ocean City on July 4th!
Jen Prevoznik – My husband driving our Odyssea WaterSports pontoon boat rental! We rent a pontoon every summer and take the family out on the bay for the day for swimming and relaxation!
Heather Walker – Ocean City Maryland is the best spot for family fun!
Julie Puschak Felpel – One way to get teenagers up early… beautiful sunrise and of course Starbucks.
Tonya Farmer – At the museum seeing as far as the eye can see
Marisa Poor – Despite the storms and getting drenched we had the best night! Amazing firework show
Deb Berry Jennis – My niece, Kyrie, catching the sun as it comes up.
Michelle Ann – My husband enjoying fishing after a busy day at the beach with our family.
Dave Easton – My Grandkids enjoying the Ocean City beach.
Mandy Espanol – Enjoying the beautiful firework display
Tori Cregger – My daughter and her pap watching fireworks at northside park!
Niki Slokevich – The pirate head bucket dumping water at Splash Mountain waterpark
Gina Miraglia-Serratore – Cousins hanging out on the OC Boardwalk
Laura Blankenship – My Grandaughters enjoying the Waves by 25th street. We Visit every year.
Shannon Lang Waterbury – Cousins getting henna tattoos on the boardwalk!
Janet Helferstay – Fager’s Island sunset
Stephanie Ryan – Met a new friend in OC MD!
Malissa Martin – My Happy Graduate. On to the next chapter!
Chelsea Damron – Enjoying his first boat ride!
Kristen Monaco McGraw – Enjoying Dumser’s Ice Cream
Ginger Baltimore – When the waves are higher than you, jump! Photo taken 7/8/2022 at 7th Street
Anne grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland, and came across Ocean City for the first time over 30 years ago and shortly after it became her permanent home.  When time allows, Anne still loves to travel. She has been with OceanCity.com since September 2014.

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