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Photo Friday Contest Winner August 20th 2021

Thank you for all the wonderful photos you have shared with us this summer for our weekly Photo Friday Contest. We have loved seeing the happy smiling faces of friends and families enjoying their vacation in Ocean City Md. This week is our last contest for the summer, but you have not disappointed, as this selection of the photos you sent us shows. They show friends and family enjoying sunrises and sunsets, jumping for joy on the beach, enjoying the Boardwalk and the rides, swimming, boogie boarding, eating, sleeping, taking in the views, and generally refueling and soaking up the atmosphere of a well deserved visit to our great resort. We know many of you save all year to be able to enjoy and annual trip to Ocean City, and we appreciate each and every one of you who visit us. This week’s randomly selected winner of two FREE tickets to Jolly Roger is Kari Brockmeyer for this great patriotic picture of cousins enjoying their time at the beach together. Congratulations Kari! Keep taking pictures of  Ocean City, and look out for our Photo Friday Contest in summer 2022!

Kari Brockmeyer – All 5 cousins on the beach before school starts back up.
Kacie Walls – 1st time on the rides at Trimpers
Tabatha Myers – My mother n laws first trip to oc md. Taken this past weekend.
Gina Ruminski – When you get up to capture the sunrise. You think you will not see the sun because it’s cloudy. Then it pop’s up behind a cloud.
Sarah Kulha – First time at the beach with my son. Kept the promise that his dad made for this summer for going to the beach
Joyce Fallier – Ocean City early wake up to see the sunrise. Love the sunrise at the beach even if we go to bed late at night.
Share-in Love – Grandson’s first time at beach ⛱️ one year old local!!
Erica Wilmot – Cousins enjoying a bayside view
Mary Mossburg – My kids were so excited for an impromptu trip to the beach this past weekend!!
Nicole Houlihan – So excited to spend 9 days in their favorite place!
Stephanie Miller – Sunset at Northside Park
Deb Thoman – Chloe just loves the beach. She got a new surfboard and she’s ready for the ocean.
Stacy Snedden – My daughter flying her kite
Shannon Lang Waterbury – Pool day on our OC vacation. We are celebrating my son’s 4th birthday this week! The kids had so much fun with Grammy at the pool yesterday!
Ashley Sigmon – Seas the day
Regina Stimson – My daughters enjoying some sisterly time together watching the tide roll in! This is the quietest they have ever been!
Amanda Mekailek – Our annual family pic at the scales at the WMO!!
Janet Schepis – Let’s do it again!! This is so much fun!!
Christy Lee – Sun Bathing in OCMD
Stephanie Trowbridge – My Granddaughters whom I just adopted had a blast in the ocean this past weekend and are very excited for our next trip
Laurie Mccarthy-Demkowich – Some wrestling on the beach
Kristin Gavin – My son holding a spider crab
Christopher Saunders -Calm and peacefulness of sunrise on the beach (between 7th & 8th) while walking back to condo after setting up our canopy for yet another fun day on the beach (July 20, 2021)
Tiffany Rose – The kids loving the view and so excited for their beach vacation
Taylor Myers – Daddy & Son time on the beach!
Ashlyne Harmon – My little beach crew
Deb Maggio – Wind blowing up before a storm on the deck in front of the Sea Watch!
Laura Armitage Smith – Annual girls only trip 💜 Three generations enjoying a morning on the beach. The little ones enjoying a salt water pool while the older ones are in the background jumping waves and searching for the perfect shell
Khristy Bennett – My son enjoying the beach on Sunday!
Mindy Langer – Soaking up all the fun at Frontier Town
Elizabeth White-Adams – A family tradition. Love OCMD
Frankie Burns-Chamberlin – We love the water it was so beautiful my first time being there
Elizabeth White-Adams -A family tradition. Love OCMD
Jenn Davis Brossoit – “An ocean breeze puts a mind at ease”
Amber Nicole – We work hard 360 days out of the year. The other 5 days, we love spending them together at the beach in OCMD (54th Street)
Dawn Jones – Love the beach …
Jessica Weller – We never, EVER do an OC Trip without Julia’s cannoli’s
Gretchen Santa Lett – Taking in the view at Sunset Grille!
Deidre Coburn Lingenfield – The Shrimp Boat for dinner. Local, fresh crabs and shrimp. Was a huge hit with the family this evening
Kyle Sowinski – Enjoying the inlet…
Denize Terzigni – Cousins enjoying OC together
Laurie Mccarthy-Demkowich – Little ones loving ocean city
Mandy Nicole – Last night on the boardwalk.
Gretchen Zerbe – LOVE…….Ocean City, Md.
Julie Donschietz – Beach day!
Brittany Lanning – Dinner at Blu Crabhouse!!
Heather Petersheim – Our 10 year old Abby decided waking up to catch the sunset on 67th street was worth it!
Share-in Love – Grandson’s first roller coaster Jolly Rodgers Aug.15,2021
Kathy Gammy Sharrah – From our balcony at Maragot.
Cara Balcer – The girls had a great vacation with beautiful weather
Justine Wright Mathis – They’re first time in Ocean City!
Sally Arnold – Watching the sunset from our balcony at the Tidelands on Aug 4, 2021.
Jessica Tucker – Me and my daughter had our first scopes done at oc a few weeks ago when we did a day trip
Joyce Smith-Malis – Always a memory filled vacation in OC. Been coming for over 20 years
Melissa Renee – We love OC sunsets!
Tierrah Bier Byers – So much fun had in June – we’re coming back in a few weeks
Dave Keenum – View from Atlantic balcony.
Karen Foller – Me and my husband and our daughter 2021
Molly Jenkins – Waiting on the waves
Mel Marcum – Jumping for joy in OC!
Rachel Harper – Can’t wait to come back next week!
Lindsay Muir Johnson – Cannonball!!!!
Megan Cornelius – Summertime!
Shelly Mitchell-Silkworth – Living her best beach life! 8/16/21
William Kirk – Angelina’s 7th trip to OC MD in 10 days. 🙂 Excited 5 year old.
Samantha Pelletier – No bad days
Nicole Beeghly – First family vacation in 5 years! Kids and adults love!!! Taken tonight


Kevin Cochrane – Bayside sunset from the golden sands balcony
Anne grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland, and came across Ocean City for the first time over 30 years ago and shortly after it became her permanent home.  When time allows, Anne still loves to travel. She has been with OceanCity.com since September 2014.

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