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pghDave’s 2017 Dining Report

Sometimes, people use our OC Dining Forum to review the local businesses they’ve enjoyed (or not enjoyed) while in Ocean City. A lot of times, the reviews are packed with great information that any OC dining connoisseur can appreciate. This one is from a thread by user pghDave. Join the forum and add your two cents, or start a new thread with your own reviews–we love to read them.

Since a dining report this late in the season isn’t of any widespread help, and given that no more than 12 people will read it, I’ll do a short version this year.

We hit most of our favorites at least once: BJ’s, Coins, Harborside and Liquid Assets all served up excellent foods and retain their spots as our go-to places. For breakfast we of course hit Bayside Skillet and General’s Kitchen. Dumser’s was, once again, the official ice cream provider for our vacation. Of course, anyone that has ever read an OC dining report knows all of these places and they did not disappoint.

New this season was Our Harvest (the Liquid Assets spin-off in Fenwick) and it was truly outstanding. It has a similar but different vibe than LA. They specialize more in small plates and larger shareable plates (feasts, as they call them). We had a number of small plates, all of which were very good and a rockfish feast which was simply outstanding–two rockfish on a platter with the meat picked and piled high in the middle. Delicious and not a bone to be found in the whole pile.

Another one new to us this season was the Marina Deck. It’s been on the list for years and we never made it. What a fantastic view! We only did crab dip and happy hour drinks on the deck but left happy. The White Marlin cocktail was Mrs. pghDave’s favorite signature cocktail. (To be honest, I think she had many favorites…) Did I mention the view?

We made it to Hooked this year–what a great spot. I had a scallops on cheesy grits offering that was absolutely incredible. We intended to get back here for a second night but just ran out of time. Bummer.

Ropewalk offered up some great oysters in advance of really nice meals. The atmosphere and view here are killer–not a bad seat in the house.

We got back to Macky’s this year. It’s been a long time and I enjoyed it. We did crab dip and some rockfish fingers (excellent, actually) along with adult beverages. We haven’t been here in a lot of years but it was nice and with the September crowd the beachfront is very subdued and relaxing. We need to be back more regularly–can you say orange crushes in a bucket??!!

Rosenfeld’s featured an outstanding corned beef hash–simply outstanding.

A Bagel And… over in Ocean Pines wins the award for the most cream cheese on your bagel. We appreciate the hearty helping. And for my fellow yinzers I think of this place as A Bagel ‘n At.

We had crab dips at a lot of places. We love crab dips and sampling as many as possible has always been an OC thing for us. Harborside is the best we had this year. It’s our usual winner only once ousted by the Harbor Watch. (Which we didn’t get to this year as we ran out of time. Bummer.)

Places we regret missing were Harbor Watch, Ky West, Longboard Cafe, Catch 54 and Woody’s. But there are only so many days in a vacation and so many meals that can be eaten. Oh yeah, and we missed out on Julia’s Cannolis. We really must stay longer next year. We didn’t make it to the Frog Bar either…man, time to turn around and go back.

ETA: Not sure how I left Mother’s Cantina off my original report. Very good Mexican food for a change of pace. We loaded up on enchiladas for takeout after an afternoon at the Burley Oak brewery. Mother’s was jammed but the takeout service was still friendly and responsive and the food was excellent! We also picked up some very tasty steamed shrimp on the side from the Shrimp Boat, so it was a nice post-brewery feast.

So I guess I forgot several places…maybe it was the time at the brewery that clouded my mind. And, by the way, the Burley Oak is a great place to spend some time. Excellent beers. They do not have food but they do allow you to bring in your own. Only downside is that the ‘skeeters were biting in the outside seating area.

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