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Ocean City Oddities: The Bearded Salesman

One salesman still stands

Step back in time with this 1964 advertisement from the International Fiberglass Company out of Venice, California that featured many large figures produced by the company, some of which were, and still are, displayed in town. The most recognizable and widely-used product produced by IFC was the large bearded “salesman” which stood 20 feet tall and nearly 400 lbs. The figure was installed all over the country in various applications back in the day (mostly automotive businesses, and later, junkyards) and twice in OCMD: at the entrance to Ocean Playland Amusement Park on 65th street near the monorail (outfitted as a clown) which closed in 1981, and another which is still in use at the entrance of Jolly Roger Amusement Park.

1964 Advertisement from the International Fiberglass Company, featuring the “Bearded Salesman.”
International Fiberglass Company “Bearded Salesman” product, outfitted as a juggling clown at the entrance to Ocean Playland Amusement Park on 65th Street in 1965. (Vintage National Amusement Park Historical Association magazine article.)
“Pirate” by International Fiberglass Company, the same product currently used at the entrance to Jolly Roger Amusement Park.
“Pirate” as seen today at the entrance to Jolly Roger Amusement Park.

Learn more about Ocean Playland and its famous Ghost Ship dark ride built by legendary designer Bill Tracy at Trimper’s Haunted House Online,  OCHH.NET.

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