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Updated: Ocean City New For 2020!!

Hotels and Restaurants – Ocean City New for 2020

The ushering in of a new year brings great anticipation of the possibilities a new start can bring. Posts, tweets, and billboards are already counting down the Mondays until Memorial Day weekend. Ocean City lovers are booking their stays, smartly so since hotels, condos,  and rentals are available for next year and some offering great rates if you book now. 
The other part of the anticipation of the new year is not just reliving experiences of years before, but trying new things and seeing what they have to offer. 2020 in Ocean City is promising many new businesses that we know you are feverishly waiting to hear more about and even more importantly, can’t wait to try out!  

New Hotel Openings and Changes for Ocean City 2020

Cambria Hotel

New for 2020 in Ocean City New for 2020 in Ocean City
Cambria Hotel on 1st & Bay Streets will be an eight-story hotel. The hotel will have both bars and dining areas. The hotel will also have indoor and outdoor pools.

Tru Hotel

New for 2020 in Ocean City New for 2020 in Ocean City New for 2020 in Ocean City

TRU by Hilton on 33rd Street will be a five-story hotel. The hotel is replacing Planet Maze and Lost Galaxy Golf.


The Carousel Group has more than one “New For 2020”

Carousel Group has many establishments under its umbrella. It has purchased Cayman Suites on 125th Street, and will manage the Fenwick Inn on 138th Street

Restaurant Openings and Changes for Ocean City 2020


Alley Oops

Hotel Openings and Changes for Ocean City 2020 Ocean City New 2020

OC Brewing on 56th Street will be an Alley Oops (2nd location) 

Mother’s Cantina

Mother’s Cantina is opening a second location on 78th street.

Black Salt Bistro

Black Salt Bistro going into the old Oceanview American Grill at 17th St.


Stores Openings and Changes for Ocean City 2020


The Peebles location on 11561 Coastal Highway will be replaced with a Gordman’s. Gordman’s is a department store prevalent through the Upper Midwest that boasts, “Expect bigger brands and smaller prices at every turn. And we don’t just say it, we stand behind them with our Lowest Price Guarantee. That means you never have to hunt to find your treasures – they’re already at the lowest possible prices.”

45th Street Redevelopment

Ocean City New for 2020

In October of 2019, plans were approved for more outdoor dining and retail space in the area of Ocean City where the Taphouse & O.C. Steamers restaurants and Aloft hotel is now located. Plans are for 4,720 square feet of retail space along with 3,318 square feet of open, unenclosed rooftop outdoor dining.  Also there will be reconfiguring some of the space in the existing O.C. Steamers building to create more outdoor space for the 45th Street Taphouse. The result would be 16,573 square feet of open, outdoor dining.


Hooper’s Shopping Plaza on Rt 50

The Hooper’s shopping Center is filling with great new businesses. Starbuck’s has already opened and utilizes a corner property. As we get word of the new inhabitants, we will let you know!


Updated. This article was originally published  01/09/2020. 

Jessica Bauer
Jessica Bauer
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