New Summer, New Story at the Dunes Manor

The Dunes has been preparing for summer all year, and now that it’s nearly upon us, the management and staff are in full summer mode. They’re organizing under the banner New Summer, New Story at the Dunes Manor.
That is not to say that the Dunes hasn’t been doing some of the following things for years, only that there is a refreshed attitude that accompanies them. The plan is to remind people that the Dunes is among the most family friendly places in this family friendly resort town.

dunes manor entrance
The entranceway at the Dunes Manor sets up an expectation of elegance that belies the family friendly fun.

Plan to stay awhile

When you come to stay at the Dunes Manor, there is an expectation that you may want to stay there exclusively. To that end, they have built an itinerary of sorts that allows guests to do arrange their week so that the only time they have to leave the hotel is to take a few steps down to the ocean for a dip.
Each of the properties in the Dunes family gives you access to each of the others. So, for instance, if you choose to stay in the Dunes Court and want to bring your family across the street to participate in the Mad Hatter Tea Party or one of the Mermaid events, it only is a matter of a few steps from one property to another.

The Dunes hotels all are steps from the beach and, as a result, provide a great way to make sure you squeeze some beach time into your resort vacation.

Family Fun Time at the Dunes 

One of the centerpieces of the #NewSummerNewStory approach the Dunes is taking involves an emphasis on family fun. The Dunes always has provided outlets for parents (or grandparents) and kids to do things together right on the property, but this year the emphasis is on structure.

In addition to one time and special events, the #NewSummerNewStory program features weekly events that families can participate in together and anticipate attending together long before they even arrive. The idea is that whether you want to make sure there is something to do any given day (or even every given day) the Dunes has your answer.

Their events calendar includes Weekly flamingo pool party Saturdays, A Mad Hatter Tea Party as a twist on their improved proper daily high tea, a Lego pirate treasure hunt, beach crafts and tons more. 


Every event the Dunes holds also will feature selfie stations and props for easily contextualized summer memory photos.

Blue skies always are preferred in Ocean City, but the Dune Manor has contingency programs for the occasional rainy day.

Fun inside and out at the Dunes

On a sunny day, you might want to use the sand castle building supplies at the Dunes to build and color your own sandcastle on the beach, or take advantage of the hotel’s partnership with Jolly Roger Amusement Park to spend a day riding the rides at a special rate.

But sometimes the weather gods aren’t on your side and the rain comes. The Dunes Manor has an anti-rain contingency plan to keep things fun inside the hotel while you weather the storm. In addition to their daily tea parties, and “Miss Shirley” on the piano, a rainy day is a movie day at the Dunes (as it is at home).

The hotel sets up a small theater in the ballroom to make the most of any disappointing weather that might find its way to the Ocean City coast. 

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