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Halloween in Ocean City & Berlin, Maryland

Halloween is a fun holiday for many people and Halloween at the beach can be even more fun if you are creative. Most people who dig this harvest celebration dig it in a big big way and, in Ocean City, it can be a month-long celebration. Whether you’re the type who enjoys a Halloween weekend blowout or someone who just loves the fall experience at the beach, there are no bad days to spend in Ocean City during October. Here are our four favorite reasons to come to Ocean City in October.

Ocean City hotel rates go down, temp stays up

Even though Summer has been fading for weeks, the weekends and, more important, the water stays warm for the better part of the month. Sometimes there’s a fall rain to contend with but that’s just an excuse to get to know Ocean City better. To add to the enticement, hotel room rates drop into seasonal mode allowing you take advantage of better rooms and views, no restaurant waits, and as much of the beach to yourself as you reasonably can expect.  To check out hotels and their prices, please go to our hotel page.

Explore the countryside

No matter what time of year, there are always plenty of Day Trips that give you the opportunity to explore Worcester County, Md. Towns like Berlin, Snow Hill and Pocomoke all have various fall festivals and events, and add more every year. No matter when you come, their calendar of events has something worth checking out. But if you’re interested in doing something in autumn, you could do worse than spending a day on the winding backroads to see where they take you. It’s always someplace worth experiencing.

O.C.Toberfest is one of the coolest things to do in Ocean City

The Town used to put together Halloween and related events under the name “OCToberfest.” Now, however, the Town has dropped this name because Sunfest moved into October (October 19-22).  It includes things like a beach maze, Great Pumpkin Race, the pet parade/costume contest and even a beach bonfire with fireworks. If dressing up your car rather than your pets is more your thing, there’s the popular “Drive in Disguise” parade down the Boardwalk. If you don’t want to do any of these things, they are nearly as fun to watch as they are to participate in.  Then, stay a week at the beach for the “second season” and spend the actual Halloween weekend reveling with local craft beer, a party at Seacrets, and the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The only event that uses “OCtoberfest” and actually means it is the annual Shore Craft Beer Fest, which is the final festival of the season featuring all and only local craft beers. You will have 35+ unlimited tastes of local craft beers, mead, and seltzers.  VIPs get 4 hours of good-ole  If you want to make sure you have calories to burn, consider participating in the  first, and popping by the beer festival when you’re done.

Halloween in Berlin, Md.

Thousands of trick-or-treaters descend on Berlin every year for its Halloween celebration. This has as much to do with the fact that the town is walkable, concentrated and family-friendly as it does to do with the fact that they take it very, very seriously here. Nearly every home in town gives out candy and most, or at least many, of the shops do as well. The funeral home has an open, haunted house and there are always other spooky surprises waiting around every corner.  The entire block of Washington Street picks a theme and decorates to outcompete the neighbors.  Halloween revelers from near and far descend on the street for candy and socializing for both the kids and adults.  That’s right, there are as many costumed adults as there are children – or almost!

Halloween and Fall Events


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