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Getting your property ready for summer!

With summer just around the corner, all property owners interested in selling or renting their real estate property should be preparing for the season.  A little preparation goes a long way toward contributing to successful transactions.

With the trees in bloom and the weather warming up, potential buyers and renters alike are venturing out in search of their ideal property.

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I would recommend the following steps to preparing for a great season:

  1. Look at your property with an objective eye as though you were seeing it for the first time.
  2. Think of the little things that slightly annoy you – they will be magnified many times by others.
  3. Your bed frame should not show unless you have a finished wood frame.
  4. Replace old, flat pillows. Renters will appreciate it, and flat pillows do not show well to buyers.
  5. Replace old torn or stained bedspreads.
  6. Check air conditioning vents and fan blades for dust that accumulates over the winter.
  7. Take new, fresh photos of any changes.

Small items that are not required, but inexpensive and add warmth would be:

  1. Area rugs or runners.
  2. Decorative door mat.
  3. Decorative towels.
  4. Some battery-powered candles.
  5. Decorative throw pillows.
  6. Remove any clutter and keep countertops as clear as possible.
  7. Artificial, as well as natural lighting, helps to make the property look bigger and brighter.

If you own a townhome or single family home and have a yard, first impressions are so important.  It would serve you well to plant some flowering shrubs or bushes.

You may want to speak to your local REALTOR for any suggestions they may make, since they are familiar with your specific home or investment property.

It is advantageous to be competitive with other properties for sale,  https://realestate.usnews.com/real-estate/articles/why-you-should-sell-your-home-in-2018.   This is even more important for rental properties, considering the number of  available of units for rent.  Improvements help you to stay competitive at the least, and may give your particular real estate the advantage you may need.

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