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Get your lunch on the beach from Beach Bites

Like many forehead-slapping great ideas, Beach Bites grew out of the place where necessity and inspiration coincided. Brandon and Kimberly Davis were on the beach and enjoying themselves one afternoon late last summer in Ocean City. They were ready for lunch but weren’t ready to leave the sand yet, especially given that they had a pretty prime spot. They began to fantasize about how cool it would be to get someone to bring them real food for them to enjoy on the beach. Beach Bites was born.
“We thought about it and it was just amazing that this hadn’t been done already.” Brandon said. “We went back home to Baltimore at the end of our stay and started putting together a business plan.”
For couples, bringing take out to the beach is actually very common. It’s an alternative to having to choose to leave the beach at lunchtime. Sometimes rather then pack a picnic couples will pick one up. The only downside is that when you bring carry out to the beach you have to contend with the sun, keeping things appropriately hot or cold until they’re ready to be eaten. This was one of the great coups of beach bites, it allows for takeout but eliminates the worry over how long you have until you eat the food.
Once you’ve decided when you want to eat and what you want to eat all you have to do is snatch it from their delivery people and enjoy your beach lunch. Although hatching the idea was easily done, executing it was a bit more complicated at first. Brandon and Kimberly needed a website and (in this age probably obviously) an app. Before you can have an app designed you have to have a good idea about how it will work.

Ocean City lunch on the beach app

Download the app from their website (you can not download the app from GooglePlay or the App Store and just use the website on your phone, but the app simplifies things), choose the restaurant, choose the food wait for the sound of the dinner bell. Behind the scenes, it is a little more complex. Brandon and Kim work with local restaurants to have a stripped-down version of good food that is also beach friendly. For example, even though you might love the Cream of Crab soup from the 45th Street Taphouse, it’s not really appropriate for the beach. Wings though, and heartier foods or sandwiches that are a part of what some of the better Ocean City restaurants serve menu tend to be appropriate.
In addition to organizing the menus (Beach Bites regularly adds new partner restaurants) the pair also had to conceive of logistics. They have hired drivers who wait for the call and then go to the restaurant to pick up the food, they have an operator on duty so if there are any questions or or if there is any confusion it can be quickly eliminated, and, finally, they have the all-important partnerships with the restaurants.
Once you make the call and the food is ready they meet you at the nearest beach entrance, say, 57th St. The driver has a flag in one hand and a bell and the other to get your attention. He or she also has your cell phone number to improve coordination. They meet you, swipe your card and send you back to your beach to enjoy your lunch.

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