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Enjoy an evening at OC 360

The recently-opened OC 360 restaurant on top of the Fenwick Inn exceeded the expectations of everyone in attendance one recent afternoon. The crowd was a mix of locals and visitors. Some had come to check the place out for the first time, others had wandered in just to see what was going on and several were hotel guests who chose to start the evening in the hotel before heading out. Nearly all the people at the bar were on vacation.

Jen White and Matt Reidy from Anne Arundel County were staying at a nearby condo and came to the Fenwick to have a beer or two before heading out to dinner with their family. The grandchildren were asleep and so the couple decided to make the most of their free time.

Jen has been coming to the Fenwick Inn for nearly three decades. She said she liked how the place looked and that she had many fond memories of vacationing in the area. For her it was a treat to be able to bring her grandkids in the same way she brought her kids to the Fenwick Inn when they were younger.

Fenwick inn guests
Jen White and Matt Reidy on the deck outside of OC 360.

The restaurant and bar features an outdoor area where people can dine or just walk out with their drinks and take in the entire length of Ocean City, both bay- and oceanside. It has always been one of the eatery’s greatest attractions.

Back inside Jacob Stampf and Morgan Murray, both from Pittsburgh were having a drink before they headed out for the evening. She was enjoying an Orange Crush and he a Duckpin Pale Ale. The restaurant’s full bar has everything from rail drinks and aluminum-bottled beers to premium brands like Bulleit Rye and an impressive selection of local, regional and national craft beers.

The pair weren’t regular Ocean City visitors, but each had been a few times and both were looking forward to their time at the Fenwick Inn.

Jacob Stampf and Morgan Murray at the bar.
Jacob Stampf and Morgan Murray at the bar.

Heather Grim and Beth Cross of the Westminster region were spending the evening at the Fenwick Inn before going to visit family in town and decided to take the opportunity to have dinner in the bar area. There was live music starting and the lady and her young charge sat at one of the tables overlooking Coastal Highway in the bar area. The had gone outside before hand to take in the view and decided to stay for dinner rather than look elsewhere.

They ordered as the music started and settled in to be entertained while they ate. Heather said she may eventually move to Ocean City and was looking forward to the trip. Beth has been a regular visitor to Ocean City for years.

Heather Grim and Beth Cross
Heather Grim and Beth Cross

As Happy Hour came into full swing more and more people filed into the restaurant and bar areas, which are separated but visible to one another. People who were interested in having a quieter dinner to themselves tended to choose to dine in the sit down restaurant, but the greatest number of people chose either a table in the bar area or a stool up at the bar. The staff was sufficient to the challenge as the number of diners grew and moved through the rooms and all were clearly happy to be there and honestly helpful.

The menu choices were diverse enough that there was something for everyone and, at happy hour prices, they also were affordable.

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  1. I took my family to ocean 360 this past weekend and let me start off by saying; if you are considering to come here and eat please don’t. A beautiful view is ruined by terrible music and god awful service. The food isn’t “that bad”, although it’s hard to keep down due to Led Zeppelin,the sticks etc yelling in my ear. Me and my family contemplated leaving because the wait was so long. I had to ask 4 times to clean my table and finally had to do it myself , the staff is awful ! Like I said previously, please only come here if necessary or else spare yourself.


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