Double the Fun! Pickles Wins Best of Ocean City Wings and Sports Bar

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Visit Pickles Pub- Voted Best Sports Bar in OC

When it come to Ocean City bars, it’s hard to top the best of the best. With over 15 flavors of wings, 33 televisions, and an infamous pickleback shot, why try?

Let’s Talk Sports

pickles pub ocmd
The Best of Ocean City- Sports Bar and Wings!

Pickles Pub is located between 7th and 8th street in downtown Ocean City. When you walk in you are immediately greeted with a sports bar feel. The insane amount of televisions are showcasing every sport from football to basketball, baseball to the Kentucky Derby. A center bar that seats well over 90 people stands directly in the middle of the dining room seating towards the front, bar seating over to the side, and bar tops with a beautiful pool table. Pickles offers the NFL ticket for sports fans of all kinds. “We don’t just show one specific team,” manger Colin Topping told us. “We like to support everyone’s likes, so come on in a watch your team play.” They also offer the MLB Extra Innings package and are excited for Washington Capital games to play. Pickles offers happy hour every day from 3-6, however during football Sundays, happy hour prices are offered all day long. In addition to that, Pickles will be serving Devil’s Backbone beer during hockey season.

PB&J Wings??

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Pickles Pub was voted Best of Ocean City wings 2023.

Winning The Best of Ocean City is not for the faint of heart. But for Pickles, it was as easy as…peanut butter and jelly? “One of my favorite wings is the PB&J wings. It’s a peanut thai sauce that is incredible,” tells 9 year bartender Jamie. “It’s a little sweet with a little tang.” If peanut butter and jelly wings don’t sound up your alley, you can try the “wing dust”- old bay wings sprinkled with brown sugar. However many people are constantly going for the Siracha Agave wings. 

Monday’s Are For the Wings

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Monday nights are half price wings at Pickles Pub! Try all 18 flavors.

If you want more wings, Mondays are your days. Pickles offers half priced wings that are paired with their “homemade ranch- that’ll make you dance!” You can also pair your wings with bleu cheese dressing. With 18 flavors of wings, Monday’s might be our new favorite day of week!

Why Are We the Best?

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Topping reveals the secret to their “best of” success. “It’s the consistency. We are consistently open when others are not. We’re open 7 days a week 11:30-2am. Our kitchen is open until 1am. You don’t have to go looking to see if we’re here. We are! And customers know that.” They have consistently delicious food. The pizzas are a huge seller at Pickles. Colin’s favorite one is the Porky’s Revenge. Another huge selling point to coming to Pickles is they have parking! “You don’t have to look for parking. It’s directly across the street. It’s paid parking, but it’s here! And you don’t have to go searching.” 

The Best is Here

November is busier than June. October is busier than April. Football is back and Pickles is ready. “We’re a popular year round bar that people can rely on to be open.” As many places begin to close up for the season, Pickles is revving up for the Fall. With an out of this world staff donning wide ranges of skills, they keep their clientele happy and ready to come back for more.

Key West Bound, Baby!

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Pickles Sand Bar is now open in Key West.

Pickles OC has now expanded all the way down the East Coast as far as they could. What better place to take the pickle back shot than down to Key West. Pickles Pub Sand Bar opened in June 2023. Located on Greene Street, Pickles Pub Sand Bar offers outdoor seating as well.

Picklebacks to Go

pickles pub ocmd
Dill Flavored Vodka can be purchased at 8th street liquors.

If you’d like some of Pickles famous 30 proof dill flavored vodka, you can go right next door and pick yourself up a bottle at 8th street liquors. For only $16.99, you can take a little of Pickles back home with you.


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