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It’s ‘Con’firmed, Comic-Con 2019 was a success

Ocean City Comic-Con 2019

Ocean City Convention Center

Ocean City Comic-Con was held at the Roland E. Powell Convention Center this past Saturday for the third year. After moving to the Convention Center for last year’s con due to the higher than expected attendance, it’s only continued to grow. This year featured over 200 vendors, eleven events and panels, and eight different anime screenings. With special guests and a cosplay contest as well, OCCC was the perfect event for fans of all ages to enjoy.

Comic-Con Ocean City

One notable guest this year was the Saber Guild’s Dathomir Temple. Based out of DC, the Saber Guild performs choreographed lightsaber fights for charity purposes. As well as their performance, the Saber Guild held Youngling Lightsaber Training for kids under 14 to teach the basics of lightsaber combat. The Saber Guild’s sister organisation, the 501st Legion Old Line Garrison were also present, and all proceeds the two groups received were donated to Hero for a Cause, OC Comic-Con’s charity partner for 2019.

Comic-Con Ocean City

Among the other attendee’s included various artists and vendors, selling anything from sketches and full color drawings to sculptures and miniature models. One such artist, Dark Spark Decals, described how conventions such as OCCC were one of her favorite to go to, as she enjoyed being surrounded by people who appreciated the same media as she did.

Comic-Con Ocean City
Guests of all ages were in attendance and dressed appropriately. Madeline showed her love for Wonder Woman when visiting booths with her parents.


Sean Taylor (left), Tor Gooding (center), and Rebecca Taylor (right) dressed for a teamup as exciting as Infinity War.


Comic-Con Ocean City
Fred Holt looked like a Nick Fury straight from the Avengers.


Comic-Con Ocean City
The Berlin Pirate was one of the locals who was excited to see such a great turnout in Ocean City during the winter months.


A gang of Spider-Men were festive for the holidays.


Comic-Con Ocean City
R2-D2 and R5-D4 were set loose in the crowds, to the delight of many attendees.


Comic-Con Ocean City
Patrick  from Montgomery county was suited up in his customized Iron Man armour that took him months to modify.


Comic-Con Ocean City
Jim Leether, a programmer with M4 Makerspace, claimed “you shall pass” to explore the many vendors OCCC had to offer.


Ocean City Comic-Con 2019 lived up to the expectations of its attendees and vendors. From the panels, events, and costumes, everyone was ecstatic about the event. With the turnout only growing over the last three years, there will be many more in years to come. OC Comic-Con 2020, We’re ready for you!

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