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Nick's MIni Golf and Ropes Course, Ocean City, MD

27 Jolly Good Reasons to Visit Jolly Roger

For a full day of family fun, where every one of every age can find just the right amount of thrill to please or even scare them enough for it to be a memorable experience, a visit to Jolly Roger’s Splash Mountain and SpeedWorld is just the ticket!   Drift back to your childhood and scream like no one can hear you as you slide down one of the many waterslides, or get behind the wheel of a go cart and drive the way you wish you could drive on Rt 50!  Watch as the littlest of children laugh when they get splashed by a water squirter, or marvel that your child is brave enough to go down a slide that you couldn’t be paid to go down!  Check out your teenager as they whiz past you on a go cart, giving you a worrying image of a future yet to come.  And at the end of the day, as you all go home exhausted, you will be full of stories that will continue to be retold long into the fall months, when school is back. Create a memorable Ocean City day, and memories that will last forever.  Go to Jolly Roger for more information.

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