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West Ocean City Restaurant – Sello’s

West Ocean City Restaurant – Sello’s

west ocean city restaurant west ocean city restaurant

Pickle’s Pub’s own Brittney & Justin Acita were happy to welcome guests as the new owners of West Ocean City Restaurant, Sello’s, on Thursday, March 5, 2020. On the opening night of their new ownership, Brittney told us, “It was amazing! We did over 100 dinners. From 4:30 on, the bar was packed. So many different people from so many different parts of our lives, people we worked with, people we worked for, neighbors, just all different  people from the community [came to support]. Which was really nice.”

How the Acita’s met the Tomasello’s and the genesis of Sello’s New Ownership

The Acitas and the Tomasello’s have been friend for many years. Brittney met the Tomasello’s when she was 21. She was their head server at their first restaurant, Fresco’s, which was an Ocean City restaurant, for seven years.  “That’s where our relationship began. Justin was very close with them as well. Like, I remember I worked New Year’s Eve , and Justin would watch their youngest kid because we all needed to be at [Fresco’s].” Brittney said  the close “family” relationship continued amongst the two couples even after Pino and Karen decided to sell Fresco’s, downsize, and came over the bridge to open Sello’s. Brittney and Justin were having lunch in Sello’s and chatting with Pino and Karen one day and the Tomasello’s were looking to leave  the service industry and the idea of the Acita’s taking over Sello’s just seemed to fit.

“We are carrying on the legacy that Karen & Pino started.”

Sello’s is Still Sello’s?

Since that lunch that lead to the eventual change of hands, the Acita’s have been learning about the front and back of the house at Sello’s. Justin has been learning the the recipes and how to cook them from Pino, and Brittney was staying with Karen, learning all about Sello’s customer service, employees, entertainment, etc. The training that has happened since October of 2019, was imperative to Justin and Brittney to make sure that existing Sello’s customers never knew the difference, and new customers have a great experience. 

west ocean city restaurant

Sello’s Not so Hidden Now, But Definitely a GEM

Sello’s sits not far from the route 50 bridge on the West Ocean City side.  It may surprise some Ocean City regulars that it is there, but to those that are loyal to Sello’s, they know the gem that it is, and  Brittney and Justin are committed to keeping Sello’s just as it is, but with some “enhancements.”  Brittney wanted to convey, “I don’t like the word change. Why fix something that’s not broken? We are going to add our flare to things. We are carrying on the legacy that Karen & Pino started.”

Staying the same:

  • Dining Menu
  • Drink Menu
  • Decor
  • Staff

New to Sello’s (All listed below will not be happening right away, but these are some enhancements on the horizon):

  • Valet parking
  • Seasonal menu – which was done before, but now with an Acita flare.
  • Open 7 Days (Now there will be Monday hours)
  • Some new drinks (Sneak Peak for a drink coming up, look for a drink named Roso)
  • Wine to go
  • Ocean Friendly

If you have not tried Sello’s before, the food, drink, and ambiance are a soothing Italian escape, but if you are a loyal customer the Acita’s will be only creating food, drink, and experiences that already align with your expectations. To keep things Sello’s same and Acita new, the Acita’s plan to travel to Pino’s home town in about a year and a half for inspiration.

To find more out about Sello’s or make reservations go to SellosOC.com

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Jessica Bauer
Jessica Bauer
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