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Photo Friday Winner July 30th

Thank you for all the submissions we had for our Photo Friday Contest this week. We love receiving photos of your vacation here in Ocean City Md, and we have put together a selection of your pictures submitted this week. They show visitors young and old enjoying Ocean City to the full. Friends, family, generations, eating ice cream, playing on the beach, walking the Boardwalk,  and so much more! This week’s randomly selected winner of two FREE tickets to Jolly Roger is Natasha Conrad for this great photo of someone really enjoying their ice cream in Ocean City Md! Congratulations Natasha. Keep taking pictures of Ocean City, and be on the look out for next weeks Photo Friday Contest.

Natasha Conrad – Ice cream at Rita’s on Coastal Highway. Her face says it all!
Stephanie Ryan – We made it! We’re in town and snapped this pic by the ocean last night!
Joshua Kirsten – On the boardwalk near the new Cambria hotel- this was in between dinner at Anglers and the evening boat ride- walking off some food before jumping on the boat!
Melanie Leandri – Can take the softball  player to the beach but she would rather play catch then play in the sand!
Tammy Jurkowski – Look who we found in Ocean City…
Laura Barton – My baby waiting ever so patiently to go to dinner at Coconuts. He can’t wait to be back in September!!
Sherri Lowry Leahy – Watching the Big Fish classic weigh in and was invited beyond the ropes to check it out.
Lana Eisenhart Souder – lol
Logan-Knight Denise – He loves the water. 💙ocmd
Mandy Horsman Peters – We spend every 4th of July at the beach
Pam Thornton – Was in OCMD last week with my daughter, son in law and granddaughter. It was her first full beach vacation and she absolutely is a beach baby!!
Gretchen Santa Lett – Enjoying practicing her gymnastics in the ocean! While her brother worked on his boogie boarding skills!
Amanda Creasy – Dinner at Dead Freddies!! Gorgeous view with my main man! Being a single mom and being able to make these memories with my son is everything to me!!
Sara Stoops – We just came back on Saturday and had a wonderful time! My boys miss it already and can’t wait to go back!
Lauren Lower Shutt – Hanging out by the pier on our family vacation to see our ocean city cousins!
Shannon Nicole – Family vacation❤Relaxing at sunset 48th street
Rachel Harper – My boys rinsing the sand off at ocean city boardwalk! Butt hanging out and all
Lori Meilhammer – My kids in a bumper car race, at Trimper’s Rides Thursday evening!
Moe Hckrt Rsd – Contemplating life haha. First vacation with both his girls due to work and it was a great one in OCM
Elizabeth White-Adams – Fun in the sun! Love OCMD
April Budrecki – Best part of the day! Sunset on Bayside, 94st
Kimberly Sue Valeri – First deep sea charter fishing trip. Had a blast and helped reel in these fish
Shannon Nesslerodt Miller – Last night on the boardwalk… our 1st night of 7 here.
Lindsay Duke – Loving the Bayside
Brittany Freeman -Sunrise on 32nd street beach Saturday morning
Nichole Rannels – Our boys 9 and 2 enjoying some time on the boardwalk
Eric Wegman – Full moon from Lenny’s at the Clarion Hotel
Heather Foreman- First time tasting sand
Ben Koontz – A little fun in the sand up on 120th street.
Kayla Rager – Ice cream on the boardwalk! Her first time at the beach ever so she was very excited and happy
Trista Kitz – First time at the beach this year in 2021 – she LOVED it
Samantha Whiteman – Celebrating my sister bachelorette weekend at Secrets. July 16
Deb Maggio – The girls having a great day on the beach.
Megan Millar Koontz – My boys won the jackpot at Marty’s Playland. They were so excited.
Ashley Janser – The love of the ocean always brings him back.
Ashley Holshue – It started as just a stroll on the beach.
Chelsea Babcock – My Younger Brother Having Fun at The Jungle Golf in OC!
Chelsea Babcock – My Younger Brother Having Fun at The Jungle Golf in OC!
Jessica Turnbaugh – Ayvah enjoying Splash Mountain last week. From open to close
Peggy Moran Kovanic – Fun at Jolly Roger Amusement Park!
Jennifer Keeney – 2 of my kids outta 4. First time either has been to the beach. First time playing in sand and having a ball. June 7th 2021. 36th street..it had been 9 years since we had been here. I was pregnant with my son on the left last time we were here. He has autism and was so extremely excited to see the beach for the first time. He kept saying over and over “Do you see the beach guys? See the beach? ” It made me almost cry
Ashley Mowery-Steele -This is my husband with our 3.5 year old twins. They were born 2 months premature, and started life out on the NICU “beach” under lights and monitors. We are so delighted to take our babies to the actual beach in one of our favorite spots!
Tina Michaels – Sunset in north side park
Clara Smith – Happy kids with their prize hermit crabs. We promised the grandkids a reward if they tried their best to be good all week.
Amy Mosher Duval – My most beautiful memories are made with my family at the OC shore
April Strasser – Our tradition every year since my daughter was 1 yr old
Megan Lowe – Our little girl enjoying her first time on the boardwalk, she loved all the games and pretty lights she was so amazed by it all
Ashley Sosa – Ropewalk view this week
Jasmine Handshew – Best place is ocean city md!!!
Rachel Rowe Geiger – Hit the jackpot on his birthday at Game World!
Zoe Mason – Water reflection shot on my iPhone
Brian Deyette – They wanted one last trip to the beach before we left. This was last Friday night.
Jeanetta Lynn – We were at hammerheads waiting on our food & I captured this beautiful picture of my 2 girls oldest one 5yr old & youngest 3 months
Brianne Lahay – The mermaid life chose her. Taken July 24th
Jamie Lee D – Watching the sunrise with my girl
Vinny Caperna – My family has stayed at the Lankford the same week in July for 50+ years. I finally got to bring my daughter here for the first time as the next generation continues the tradition !
Taylor Myers – My girls with the mermaids at Jolly Rogers water park!!! They LOVED it!
Taylor Myers – My sons first time at the beach! He absolutely loved it!
Jessica Tillotson – My son drew a heart in the sand and blew me a kiss. All of our family just met up on 59th street on Friday to see where my sister was getting married the next day
Taylor Myers – My two daughters on our nightly walk on the beach!
Sarah O Toole – My sand spider
Cheryl Hoffman – Stay Thirsty My Friends
Jeffrey Weinberger – All she wanted for her 7th birthday was to go to OC and ride the Ferris wheel
Katey-Shane Ferguson – With the eyes of the beholder, O.C.
Anne grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland, and came across Ocean City for the first time over 30 years ago and shortly after it became her permanent home.  When time allows, Anne still loves to travel. She has been with OceanCity.com since September 2014.

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