Photo Friday Winner July 24th

Here is a  selection of your pictures of Ocean City submitted this week to our Photo Friday Contest. As always, we had a great response with some amazing, beautiful, and fun moments snapped by your phones, creating memories you can keep forever. This weeks winner of 4 FREE tickets to Jolly Roger is Cindy O’Donnell,  for this great shot of these ladies being swallowed up by a big wave, something most of us have experienced if we have ever ventured into the ocean  in Ocean City!  Congratulations Cindy! Keep taking pictures of Ocean City, and be on the look out for next weeks Photo Friday Contest.

Cindy O’Donnell – Gotta love a waterproof phone case
Jamie Cruzferrera – Abbey Road down Ocean City!
Jennifer Hutzler – His 3rd time to OCMD and her first time!
Nichole Ann Regulski –
Foggy beach day fun!!
Heather Smith – Our boy’s first time at the beach in 21 years
Jessica Hunt – on the island by Hoopers Crabhouse last weekend!
Christine Coppage – Right after a pop-up storm
Patricia Saiia – Boogey Boarding for the first time, and having a blast! So proud of her accomplishment!
Brandy Corley – I even captured the dolphin
Jenn Miller – We love OCMD! Our family of five (soon-to-be family of six) Spent our ten year anniversary there in June! Our girls had a blast as always
Lisa Nichols- Johnson – Northside Park
Katie Gentile Wilder – So happy to be in Ocean City!
Nautica Shortlidge – I got to spend my birthday on the last day of my vacation at ocean city. It was an absolute blast! My favorite place to be this was the last birthday picture I toke on the board walk, In front of the “greetings from ocean city” sign. Can’t wait to be back in September
Ben Koontz
Edy Marie Wathen
Brittany Bartlett –
Catching some waves Assateague Island.
Jamie Frankford – Just got out of the water!! Great day at the beach!!!!
Michelle Stutzman
Amanda Lechner –
Assateague Island after the sun set
Jamie Perry – Always fun feeding the seagulls. Pic from this past week for my husband’s annual OC birthday trip.
Elizabeth Metzler
Tiffäny R Röbërts
Ashley Schoch – Beautiful photo from the pier.
Michele Karns
Sherri Lowry Leahy
Michael Smith
RyanLynn Whipkey
Stephanie Robbins – A full shell we found at 109th at low tide
Erica Griffith Lesniewski
Bernadette Swann
Darinda Bowman
LaLa Nelson
RyanLynn Whipkey
Barbie Labarko
Jerica Burnett
Kimberly Powell
Jessica Tillotson
Barbie Labarko
Kim Haycisak – Having a blast with their boogie boards and making mom really nervous
Marianna Golias – Our son Mason’s first trip to OCMD just this past week! First of many, he enjoyed the sun, sand, pool, and of course his first Phillips Crab House dinner too
Victoria Adell Burnham – We’ve come to Ocean City for the last 5 years for my son’s Birthday!
Anne grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland, and came across Ocean City for the first time over 25 years ago and shortly after it became her permanent home.  When time allows, Anne still loves to travel. She has been with since September 2014.

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