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Photo Friday Contest Winner August 4th 2022

Thank you for all the submissions we had for our Photo Friday Contest this week. We love receiving photos taken during your vacation here in Ocean City Md, and we have put together a selection of your pictures sent to us this week. We have wannabe mermaids in costume and in sand, bikes on the boardwalk and walking hand in hand. Kids in the ocean diving through the waves, eating ice cream and popcorn and all of your faves.  Fish newly caught and crabs on the table, climbing on dinosaurs because you are able.  Riding the Ferris wheel as the sun is setting, turned down mouth for the treats you’re not getting. Dancing on the beach, and locks on the pier, great big wide smiles every time you are here. Early morning sunrise at the start of the day, evening sunsets over the bay. Bonding time with cousins and grandparents too, carrying on traditions old and new.  These pictures show what you do while on vacation in Ocean City! This week’s randomly selected winner of two FREE tickets to Jolly Roger is Ashley Sosa for this great picture of two kids hanging out at Northside Park. Congratulations Ashley! Keep taking pictures of Ocean City, and be on the look out for next week’s Photo Friday Contest.

Ashley Sosa – North side park! Our favorite place to crab! (Catch and Release)
Kristy Reindollar Smith – Fun in the sun!
Gina Twardoski Reitter – My parents have been coming to OC for over 40 years!
William Kirk – Young “pretend” Mermaids (Angelina 2nd left) waiting to meet the TWO REAL MERMAIDS that apparently live off OC MD and they’re 165 years old…so they said
Lisa Dillon – Tumble waves!
Bob Delp – Mack loves OCMD!
Travis Piscitella – Inlet sunset
Alicia Hennigan Guy – Always our first stop when we get into town is the beach.
Jennifer Brent – Peaceful on the beach watching the sunrise
Jennifer Lynn Osborne – Finding Mom mom and Pop pop’s lock on the pier.
Adele Scholnick Pearly – Cracking’ crabs in Ocean City, thanks to Captain Mac’s. Life doesn’t get any better than this
Jessica Higginbotham – Enjoying the beauty of a early morning sunrise with our daughter at the beach
Tonya Farmer – Seacrets for the win!
Amanda Mekailek – Matchy Matchy with my Faves!!
Rachel Griffith
Clara Smith – Found some mermaids on the beach.
Jennifer Brent – Another Beautiful Sunset view from our Condo
Stacey Arthur – 36th street beach. Life guards left for the day. Perfect photo opportunity on the life guard chair
Sun behind the chair
Adrienne Webber
Amanda Creasy -Evening stroll on the beach with my main man
Debra Gilbert – Son and grandson on beach
Alyse McLhinney – We love telescopes!
Carolyn Deckers – Walking the boardwalk after a recent rain.
Amy Flynn – My baby girl enjoying the ripleys museum
Rachel EC – My son loves the sand !!
Renee Resetar – Body surfing in the waves after the big rain! The water was so Caribbean colors. He was out there 2 hours! OCMD#1
Kristy Lackey – The boys playing some putt putt
Lindsay Fain – Nothing beats those early morning OC sunrises
Clara Smith – Bebop and the grandkids getting their annual picture with the Trimper Pirate
Alicia Bubash – Dumsers ice cream is the best!
Sara Schneider -My parents doing bikes on the boardwalk for the 1st time!
Pam Bernard – My grandchildren and their best friends from South Carolina
Bob Zabicki – My wife and her fish that won the fish pool
Renee Breeden Moreland – Beautiful start to a week at the beach
Beth Boyer – A sunset ride is our tradition
Kimberly Buckingham-Lawrence – Waking up early to see an OC sunrise is so worth it!
Brooke Santo Colombo – When the kid doesn’t get her way for candy kitchen 😂.
Kayla Mullin – Favorite snack of all time: old bay
Tifanee McCall – The most beautiful mornings anywhere
Jessica Trice – Beach dance party
Bethany Sampsel – Enjoying the view!
Josh Dixon – Nothing like waking up in ocean city and seeing a rainbow!!
Megan McFadden – Bonding time on the beach
Heather Thornton – My moms bench in her memory located at the kite loft with my beautiful girls!
Cindy Ballew Hurley – Enjoying the tiki
Sheri Somerville – Jolly Roger’s never disappoints
Greta Morris – Loving the ocean!
James N Susan Galloway- Sunset over OC bay
Cindy Ballew Hurley – A girl a snack and the bay
Cindy Ballew Hurley – A boy and his pop pop
Kathryn Akimi Smith-McCartney – Fun in the sand in OC
Ashley Janser – first time on Trimpers rides, and he found his favorite!!
Kristy Muenz – Our tradition of riding bikes every morning and taking a selfie at the end of the boardwalk!
Natalie Palese – Cousin time on the beach.
Greta Morris – When your happy and you know it!
Nancy Radlinski Sullivan – Is there anything more peaceful? High Point North condominium.
Terri Lynn Shaffer Maxwell – A statue that I really love!!
Beth Wilt – The great things we find whike exploring the beach.
Carrie Damico – My son enjoying a nice OCM beach day
Amanda Bell – Fishing on 120th street
Alexi Douglas – Shenanigans never disappoints!
Anne grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland, and came across Ocean City for the first time over 30 years ago and shortly after it became her permanent home.  When time allows, Anne still loves to travel. She has been with OceanCity.com since September 2014.

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