How to Get Around OC? Bi-Plane, By Tram, By Car and More

Ocean City and Transportation

Surrey on the boardwalk


Parking Rate: $3-$5 hour

Many people make the drive to Ocean City for a quick weekend stay or a weeklong vacation. Driving in Ocean City is easy and with several municipal parking lots including the large lot at the Inlet, OC makes it easy. But if you want a break from driving, we got you covered. Download the parking app now to register your car. Visit for more information. 

Hover your camera over this QR code to download the app right here!

Boardwalk Tram

Rate: $5/ one way

Tickets can be purchased from either the north or south ticket booths on the boardwalk. Or exact change or major credit cards are accepted at the rear of the tram as it travels along the boardwalk. See the schedule of when the tram runs. Visit for more information. 

Boardwalk Tram


Rate: $250/30 minute tour

If you’re looking for something new and adventurous, take Ocean City and Assateague Island by air! Ocean City airplane rides leave from West Ocean City where you get to choose a path either over the beautiful beaches of Ocean City or the magnificent views of Assateague Island National Park. 

OC Bi Plane


Rate: $4/day $2/senior citizens

Riding the Ocean City bus is kind of a right of passage. Running from the Inlet transit station to the north station down Coastal Highway, drivers are happy to stop along the way. Visit for more information. 

Beach Bus
Town of Ocean City

Express Beach Bus Schedule 

For special events, the Ocean City buses run special routes to help vacationers get from point A to point B. Oftentimes passengers are able to park at the transit station over the Route 50 bridge and ride in to avoid overcrowded parking. Visit for more information. 

Bicycle and Surrey

Rate: $10-$30

Whether you stay north on the boardwalk or midtown, vacationers have several bike rentals to choose from. Rent a bicycle, surrey, or even a “car” and enjoy a ride to breakfast before hitting the beach.

Surrey on the boardwalk


Bay Hopper

Rate: up to $110/4-5 adult

Offering hour long sunset tours, or 2.5 hour Assateague Island tours (look for ponies!)The Bay Hopper has something for everyone. They also offer private rides, which you can call and inquire for more information. 

OC Bay Hopper at Assateague

Buzz Boat

Rate: $20/ person one way (minimum of 4 people)

Avoid long lines, the traffic, and be a responsible citizen by taking the Buzz Boat. Operating on Assawoman Bay between 67th street and Sunset Marina “stopping at Fagers Island, Macky’s, Seacrets, Fishtails, Reel Inn Dock Bar, Angler, MR Ducks, Marina Deck , Harbor Side, The Shark, Captain’s Galley, Sunset Marina and Mickey Fins.”

OC Buzz Boat


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