The best pizza places in Ocean City? You Tell Us

The best pizza places in Ocean City? You Tell Us

Where to get the best pizza is always a very personal food for people. Those who have a taste for it tend to like specific places for specific reasons. So far in this year’s voting, it’s actually pretty close among the top five but sixth place is pretty distant. While it is a matter of debate which might be aesthetically the best, there’s something to be said for being the most popular. After all, if people like a place enough to try and have it named the Best of Ocean City, then whatever the place is certainly has something good going for it.

Of course you have your own opinions. Share them by voting for the Best of Ocean City:

The Best of Ocean City 2018 Voting is Now Open!

Best Of Navigation Last year’s polls saw nearly 60,000 votes cast, and this year is expected to yield an even bigger turnout! Voting for the Best of Ocean City runs from Memorial Day to Memorial Day each year. That means the 2018 Voting ends on Monday, May 28!

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