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Before the great storm of 1933, which cut the inlet we’re familiar with today, Ocean City was an isolated fishing village. Since then, OC has not only become one of the country’s top vacation resorts, but it’s also garnered the reputation as the White Marlin Capital of the World. World-class fishing takes place off Ocean City’s shores in every season, but each August, anglers from across the globe come to Ocean City for a chance to hook record-breaking white and blue marlin, tuna, mako, and shark, and net their share of prize money in the internationally acclaimed White Marlin Open.

The White Marlin Open, which takes every year during the first full week of August, is not internationally famous by accident. With hundreds of annual participants and millions in prize money on the line, the White Marlin Open is the largest, most lucrative billfish tournament on the planet.

If you’re an angler wishing to participate, make sure to register on the tournament’s website for your chance to reel in a life-changing fish. If you’re not a fisherman, but love big boats, scale-tipping fish and/or a festive atmosphere, make sure to check out all the action at the weigh-ins at Harbour Island on 14th street during each night of the tournament. If you can’t be in Ocean City or make it to the marina, you can watch the nightly boat returns and monitor the leaderboard on the White Marlin site.

Whether you choose to participate, attend or stream the event, the White Marlin Open is a can’t-miss occasion in Ocean City. Want to catch all the action of the White Marlin Open from your computer? Click here to view the live feed of the returns.

Fish tale
The weigh-ins are a huge deal at the White Marlin Open, and sometimes you can only catch a glimpse of the fish being weighed.
Hanging fish
You can see a weigh-in every evening of the tournament, from 4 to 9 p.m.
Restless lady boat
Watch as the boats approach the dock–some from far away, others local to the area.
Guy in water
(Just try not to fall in the water amidst all the excitement.)
Hanging shark
Nothing beats seeing a 126 lb shark suspended in the air.