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Ocean City 2022, a Year in Review

As another year draws to a close, we take a look back at 2022 in Ocean City, and see what changes have taken place in the resort. People often don’t like change, preferring instead to remember the resort as it has always been. But change is something that Ocean City has always experienced, right from its conception in 1875, so it’s nothing new, and although not all change is good, some change is vital to keep the town relevant, and acceptable for todays standards. After all, who would still want the narrow beach which would completely disappear at high tide, whilst we all wore woolen bathing suites? Or how about no bars or nightclubs at all in the Town during Prohibition? How about the old hotels which had shared a bathroom and shower area on each floor? Or segregated restaurants and accommodations which continued for far too long? How about no Inlet so it would be impossible to get from the bay to the ocean without hauling your boat across the sands! (the Inlet was created during a storm in August 1933). Although there are some things that we would prefer stay the same, in reality, that never really happens! So, here are just some of the things we noticed happened in Ocean City in 2022.

Early Winter Storm

We had an early snow storm in January and more in February 2022. Have you ever experienced the Boardwalk when it’s covered in snow? It is certainly very different to the summer Boardwalk we are all so familiar with.The snow cleared from the roads in January and February made quite a pile of snow in the Inlet Parking Lot which took some time to melt. 

An almost unwalked on Boardwalk
Some adventurous folk have been out exploring this part of the Boardwalk
Arial view of the pile of snow in the Inlet Parking Lot that took quite a while to melt!

New Atlantic Beverage Center takes shape

Atlantic Beverage Center next to Seacrets was erected this year, and finally opened November 2022. It’s beautiful inside and out, and they have Happy Hour daily where you can take 10% off everything in the store from 2-5pm daily!

Work begins on the Atlantic Beverage Center, 50th St next to Seacrets
Atlantic Beverage Center under construction
Almost finished! The Atlantic Beverage Center
Open for business! Atlantic Beverage Center

Building continues at the old favorite, BJ’s on the Water

BJ’s came down at the end of last year, and in 2022, its replacement has slowly been constructed. Salt Water 75 should open 2023.

The old BJ’s came tumbling down, 2021
BJ’s replacement, 75th Street
The new Salt Water 75, due to open 2023

Rising from the Embers

The old All You Can Eat Embers never did reopen after the pandemic forced its closure. But instead, this summer The Embers literally began to rise from its ashes, to reach new heights on the third floor of a very impressive building on 24th street, as an open kitchen dining destination. The Embers should be open Spring 2023.

A steel skeleton marks the beginning of the new Embers Restaurant on 24th Street
Building continues at The Embers
The new Embers on 24th Street, almost finished.
Included in the building is The Other One Brewing and Jays Cafe, which is now open.
There’s also an arcade included within the building. The Ember’s is due to open Spring 2023

Movies in North Ocean City Closes

Sun & Surf movie theater closed its doors shortly after Labor Day 2022.

The old Sun & Surf Theater on 143rd St

Boardwalk Replacement Conitnues

While skyrocketing lumber prices, supply concerns and shipping delays put a hold on replacing the Boardwalk boards during Covid, this year the project took place. It’s a two-year project, and we are now in the second phase of it, from 15th Street south to the pier. Hopefully work will be completed by Spring 2023.

The old boards sit in a pile in the Inlet Parking Lot
A pile of old boards sit in the Inlet Parking Lot
New boards for our Boardwalk
Replacement of the boards will continue until spring 2023. Lfe expectancy of the boards is around 10 years
A bright new Boardwalk 2022!

Dinosaurs Moving North

Nick’s Jurassic Mini Golf migrated from their spot on 18th Street, and plan to resettle just one block north at 19th Street, if they don’t become extinct during their journey.   

The last of the dinosaurs on 18th Street

Fontainebleau Changes

One of Ocean City’s oldest and most-recognized hotels, the Clarion, was sold in 2022, and renamed Ocean City Fontainebleau Resort,  marking a new dawn on 101st Street. A change of color on the outside is just the beginning of the transformations. Wait till you see their new rooms!

A change of paint color on the outside is only the start of the remodeling and updating the hotel will see in the near future.

BBQ with a View

28th Street Pit n Pub expanded in 2022, by building a roof garden, so now you can enjoy your BBQ with a view! 

28th Street Pit n Pub
View from the roof top dining area at the 28th Street Pit n Pub

Phillips Crab House now Union Chesapeake Seafood House

The former Phillips Crab House property on 21st Street, opened as Union Chesapeake Seafood House, an all-you-can-eat seafood and prime rib buffet, early summer 2022.

The old Phillips Crab House on 21st Street
The new Union Chesapeake Seafood House on 21st Street

Time to Chill on 112th Street

Gold Coast Beer & Wine moved from their independent spot in front of the Gold Coast Mall to the old Peebles spot at the Mall. Dairy Queen Grill and Chill moved into the building, bringing a place to chill on Coastal Highway.

The old Gold Coast Beer & Wine
The new DQ Grill and Chill opened this summer

Dune’s No More

An old favorite, the Dunes Manor Hotel, closed it doors at the end of the season 2022. A total renovation and rebrand for the Dunes is underway with a full floor-to-ceiling upfit and, upon completion in late Spring 2023, the property will re-open as Hilton Garden Inn Ocean City Beachfront.

The Dunes is changing color, but that’s not all

Holiday Inn Oceanfront Pool Renovations

The pool area at the Holiday Inn Oceanfront on 66th Street has started renovations to create a brand new pool and garden area at this oceanfront hotel. Let the transformation begin!

Holiday Inn Oceanfront as it was
The renovation starts
Renovations are well underway at the Holiday Inn Oceanfront for a new pool bar.

 Margarittaville Plans

The Beach Plaza Hotel between 13th and 14th street, which first opened its doors in June of 1953, finally closed them in 2022. A Margaritaville Resort is planned to replace it.

Closed down, the Beach Plaza Hotel.
Areal view of the Beach Plaza Hotel

New Condo’s in North Ocean City

The empty lot on 145th Street, near the 144th Street Transit Center, has had its trees removed and the building of new condos has started.

Paul Revere Rides off into the Sunset

The old Paul Revere Restaurant at the Plim Plaza reopened as the fully renovated indoor and outdoor Cabanas Beach Bar and Grill.

Cabana’s replaces the old Paul Revere restaurant
Cabana’s replaces the old Paul Revere restaurant

Phillips Seafood House Demolished

The old Phillips Seafood House property at 141st Street and Coastal Highway was raised to the ground 2022. It is thought a mixed-use residential and commercial project will take its spot, but at present the lot remains empty.

Phillips Seafood House property at 141st
The old Phillips Seafood House property at 141st Street
Phillips on 141st is coming down.
Phillips on 141st is coming down.
Phillips on 141st is coming down.

New Date for Sunfest

Sunfest, usually held the third weekend in September, was moved in 2022 to October 20-23 for a few reasons, but mainly to accommodate the new three-day Oceans Calling music festival. Some people weren’t happy about the change of date, but this year at least, the original date was a washout due to the remnants of a hurricane and a Nor’easter on the same weekend the town would have traditionally hosted Sunfest. The new October date brought sunshine and mild temps on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but the event was cancelled on Sunday due to heavy rain and high winds.

Sunfest 2022

Oceans Calling Take Two

The first-ever Oceans Calling three-day music festival scheduled for late September and early October 2022 was ultimately canceled by a storm. The remnants of Hurricane Ian, and a nor’easter, forced event producers C3 Presents, and town officials to cancel the Oceans Calling music festival just a day in advance of it’s opening day. Plans to hold the event on same weekend in 2023 are ongoing.

Oceans Calling Stage
The effects of the wind on Oceans Calling
The matting being swept away

Rescuing the Oceans Calling matting

Odyssea Watersports on the Move

Odyssea Watersport’s 50th Street location officially came to an end as the 2022 season ended. As of now, they will be offering Jetski rentals at their location on 52nd Street, but boat rentals for 2023 are unknown at this time as they work on securing a new location. Keep up to date with their news here.

And Finally….

Some things, fortunately, remain the same. Our local friendly fox can still be spotted all over the resort, enjoying himself whether the crowds are here or not, in sunshine and snow! Look out for him next time you are here! (and watch out for your flip flops!)

Anne grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland, and came across Ocean City for the first time over 30 years ago and shortly after it became her permanent home.  When time allows, Anne still loves to travel. She has been with OceanCity.com since September 2014.

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  1. So sad to see BJ’s on the water go. The frosted mugs, 11:00 am start of happy hour and the food, all gone! The Frog bar at the inlet with Froggy hour and watching the seagulls fishing for like they are supposed to instead of dive bombing people for Thrashers fries. Not happy to see the favorite places go, it was a ritual to enjoy these and some others that have moved or upgraded.

  2. Its sad to see some of the old that made OC
    What it was, lots of memories gone, it seemed to start when the old Commander was demolished, people used to dress up to go to diner, those days are gone as well as the people that made old Ocean City what it was.
    Progress is great but not always better, lets keep our fingers crossed that things don’t change as a family resort. All the best.

  3. I enjoyed looking back at the year! I miss my old Ocean City. I remember living in OC during the gas shortage of the ’70s. I know things have to be updated and renewed but I still miss the time when I was here for about two years living after we
    were first married and the construction boom was going on and then the gas shortage of odd and even days of getting gas for vehicles. What a time! I have to get back here!


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