New Year in Ocean City

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day:

Saying “Goodbye” & “Hello” can be emotional and memorable encounters. The Beatles may have said it best for us in  “Hello, Goodbye.” We, like the Beatles, are accentuating the positive and can’t wait for the new year, and Ocean City is most certainly saying “Hello, New Year!” New Year’s in Ocean City is surely different and unquestionably memorable! Ocean City offers activities, events, and parties to help you say, “So Long” to the old year, and with anticipation for all that new year will bring, “Welcome!”


Dining and Hotels for Thanksgiving

New Year’s Eve in Ocean City, MD is a celebration for sure! Ocean City Hotels and restaurants offer great packages, and celebrating in this great town means you can have fun and leave prep to clean-up to the professionals. Pick out your finest dress and reserve a seat at the party that fits your style.  As a matter of fact, fine wears may not be your stamp, that is why Ocean City is a perfect fit for all. You will find high style champagne evenings, or boots and beers nights, it is your choice.

Beach in Winter

The beach is free all year round, and you may think it is too cold for a stroll, but the right prep can make all the difference. Snow is beautiful on the sand, but we don’t see much of it in Ocean City, so just prep for the wind and temperature.  Sneakers or boots are probably are better choice over flip flops, but don’t count them out. (Stick’em in your suitcase – they don’t take up too much room) Bring a camera too, pics of the beach in winter – especially if you are lucky enough to see a little snow – are magnificent and a great way to share your experience with friends and family they couldn’t join you.

Planning Your New Year’s Celebrations in Ocean City

Penguin Swim

On New Year’s Day at Princess Royale Oceanfront Hotel, 91st Street in Ocean City, MD.  Entrants take the plunge in the Atlantic! This fundraiser  is to benefit Atlantic General Hospital Foundation. Swimmers earn an official Penguin Swim short-sleeve t-shirt for their $25 registration fee. Incentive prizes can be earned by participants based on their personal fundraising efforts.


Ocean City’s Best New Year’s Eve parties

Winterfest in Ocean City

Toast & Welcome…

New Year’s and Ocean City are a great time with that special someone. Remember what they say about kissing someone at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. If you didn’t come with someone, Ocean City is known to spark romance. Who knows, maybe that faithful night may not have started with a love affair, but it could end with one! If you don’t make a reservation  &  book your time, you’ll never know how the night could have unraveled.

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