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Endless Summer Cruisin’ 2016 – October 6-9, 2016

Ocean City, Md is certainly known for its widely popular car and truck shows throughout the summer, but the Endless Summer Cruisin’ Car Show– the annual fall festival dedicated to all things cruisers, muscle cars, hot rods, and trick trucks- offers as much tire burning, engine revving excitement as its June and July counterparts.

Endless Summer Cruisin’ takes place each October and typically draws over 2000 classic cars and thousands more spectators to Ocean City for a weekend of car shows, national vendors, live music, celebrity meet and greets, and free parades along the Boardwalk each morning.

Check out the celebrity appearances all weekend long at the Convention Center and Inlet Parking lot, peruse vendors offering the latest automotive accessories, gear, and technologies, roll up and down Coastal Highway to show your off your ride, or sit an enjoy the Endless Summer action from your balcony or hotel parking lot!

It’s still unclear whether or not loud exhaust, custom paint jobs, and celebrity appearances help extend endless summer, but they will certainly help you take your mind off of cold weather blues for a few days in early October.