We love the idea of escaping to the beach and losing your shoes – meaning just getting lost in the relaxed vibe and listening to the Atlantic Ocean crash against the beach.  Recently, the idea of losing your shoes took on a whole new meaning.  

When one of our team, Jennifer, decided to go on a beach walk and lost her shoe, she tried to explain why she no longer had shoes when she went back into the hotel. The understanding, or skeptical, General Manager went to review their security footage and found to everybody’s surprise, that the sole thief was a local fox. Well, that makes a great story, particularly when you get your shoe back. So this page is dedicated to all of you who lost a shoe, or a sole, in Ocean City, MD. Please send us your fox pictures, your sole stealing stories, and anything else you think might work on our new page, Lose Your Shoe in Ocean City!

From the Blog: Foxes in Ocean City, Maryland

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