Pit and Pub on 28th Voted Best of Ocean City, BBQ (with a Surprise Ending!)

Pit and Pub- Winner of the Best of Ocean City- BBQ 2023

Driving down Coastal Highway sitting at the corner of Philadelphia Avenue and 28th street is Pit and Pub Restaurant- voted Best of Ocean City® BBQ. You can’t miss the large building decorated with beautiful flower beds, the top with the name Pit and Pub sprawled across the outside.  The inside restaurant is extremely eclectic, displaying a lifetime record collection…on the ceiling! And we can’t forget the boar’s head mounted on top of the bar tables surrounded by multi-colored Christmas lights. If that’s not a reason to visit, then we don’t know what is. 

Pit and Pub 28th street
Pit and Pub is open year round.

How Pit and Pub Came and Conquered BBQ

Pit and Pub 28th street
Visit Pit and Pub 11am-1am with their full kitchen open late.

Back in 2010, owners Steve Hoffman and Mike Horsey, came up with a brilliant idea to bring BBQ to Ocean City. At that time, crab houses were a main focus of the restaurant industry which Hoffman and Horsey wanted to capitalize on. The Original Pit and Pub came to fruition in 2010 on 28th street. Keeping their full kitchen open from 11am- 1am, was a large part of the success. Locals, whether they worked in the restaurant and bar industry or hotel blocks, were drawn to a chill out and relaxed atmosphere at the bar, while also being able to grab a great tasting BBQ after a long shift. 


Soon after the success of the 28th street location, the 127th location was opened, conveniently across from North Side Park. Then came the Salisbury location in 2019. But why stop there? Hoffman and Horsey bought a place in Rumbley, Maryland which doubles as a marina and restaurant! The marina houses 62 slips along with a slightly different menu than their Ocean City locations with the addition of locally fresh caught seafood. 


Part of their business model that we find intriguing is that the owners really try to keep their locations in the hands of rising employees. Both Hoffman and Horsey know the importance of a tight knit staff and kitchen crew, as they’ve both worked at other restaurants before merging their ideas together. “Keeping the management/ ownership within our restaurant family really helps motivate young staff members. They can see opportunities within our restaurant for moving up in the industry, but also love the idea of staying within the Pit and Pub restaurant family.” Both Steve and Mike moved up in their restaurant jobs and  worked as busboys, dishwashers, and bar backs and bartenders  growing up. Deep down they both knew that ownership was in their future. 

What You Need to Order at Pit and Pub

pit and pub ocmd
The pulled pork is award winningly delicious.


On top of the menu we’re going to have to go for the Carolina style BBQ pork. Most times the smokers are loaded up at night time to get just the right amount of smoking time to get that tender BBQ pork taste that won the Best of Ocean City® BBQ. 


However we can’t forget the deliciously tender fall off the bone pork ribs. We recommend the half rack of ribs with the half pound of steamed shrimp. 


If hand held food is more your style, get the wings! With a sauce for every different taste bud (BBQ, Buffalo, Hot, Mango Habanero, FirePit, Honey Old Bay, and Old Bay) you will not be disappointed. And we absolutely must mention their All You Can Eat Smoked Wings every Saturday from 12-2pm. And of course when asked what drink would you pair with the best BBQ in Ocean City, the reply was “an ice cold beer from the bar.”


Every Day Specials

Pit and Pub 28th street
Come in and check out the ceiling full of a life time record collection!

Happy hours at Pit and Pub are exactly that! Monday- Friday 3pm-5pm, appetizers are 25% off. And don’t forget, all Pit and Pub locations are open year round!


Yes! Pit and Pub Can Cater Your Events

pit and pub ocmd
Pit and Pub can cater your private event with their delicious BBQ.

With a delicious menu in the restaurants, why keep it in house? If you have a party or an event be sure to contact them online for menus and pricing. The food will be the talk of the party.


A Very Special Announcement

Pit and Pub 28th street
Look out Selbyville! Pit and Pub is coming in 2023-24.

Be on the lookout for Pit and Pub’s NEW LOCATION in Selbyville, DE coming in 2023-24. OceanCity.com wishes you all the luck and can’t wait to visit.



    • The new Pit n Pub will be at the Mason Dixon shopping center on 113/Dupont Blvd.in Selbyville, but they are still waiting on permits etc., so there is no opening date yet.


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