It’s photo sharing season again!

It’s photo sharing season again!

As the summer approaches, we want to remind you to share your favorite beach photos with us. Whether your photos are blasts from the past or accounts of your latest Ocean City adventure, we all would love to see them. Lots of times people who can’t make it down for one reason or another visit both our Facebook page as well as this site for a taste of the beach. Sometimes just seeing people enjoying themselves in Ocean City really can lift your spirits.

It’s in that vein that we’re launching our summer photo series. Each week, we’ll publish some of our favorite reader-submitted photos for you to enjoy. We encourage you to use the comment section to tell us which are your favorites. The best photos will be announced and the winners given prizes that include dining gift certificates and tickets to Jolly Roger Amusements. 

Please read the rules carefully if you want to participate because we often have to disqualify great photos because they don’t have any identification and because they are too small. All photos must be at least 1200 px (either vertical, horizontal or square) to be considered. The photographer’s email address also has to be included for us to be able to name a winner. Check the rules out here and submit

Meanwhile, here are some of the photos that recently have been submitted. Enjoy and let’s make this a fantastic summer!


This photo was taken Wednesday, May 17 around 5:30 PM at the Ocean City inlet of my daughter Flynn Dieter showing off her new sunglasses and kicking off the start to a wonderful warm sunny summer.
Sitting at Betty’s Beach Bar 2016 at the Quality Inn Boardwalk for our annual trip to OC


My children walking me to my future husband; Our first full day of husband and wife ending on the beach.



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