Phil Perdue- The Piano Man at The Captain’s Table

The Captain's Table offers romantic piano music to dine to all by the hands of local Phil Perdue.

Phil Perdue plays the piano at The Captain's Table on 15th street in OC, MD.

An upscale environment, classy cocktails, and live piano music can only mean one thing. Dinner at The Captain’s Table. For the past 10 years, the iconic restaurant in Ocean City, Maryland has offered live piano music every Friday and Saturday nights. But who’s the man behind the ivories? 

An OC Local with Incredible Musical Talent

Phil sits behind the piano and serves up beautiful dinner music at The Captain’s Table in OCMD.

His name is Phil Perdue. Remember his name because once you hear this melodic piano playing, you’ll be going back for more. At an early age of 7, Phil became interested in the beautiful instrument- the 88 keys, the feel of the ivories, and of course the music that can be produced.  He began experimenting with the instrument by playing different chords and listening to which sounds flowed off the strings. With one pedal to lower the volume of the sound and another to elongate and carry over the notes, Phil was taken back by what sounds he was able to make. 

After listening to Phil play a few weeks ago, I was taken back at the fact that he has never taken actual piano lessons! Nor does he read sheet music! Everything that you hear him play is completely by ear. Phil will occasionally dabble with YouTube to practice his miraculous gift, but doesn’t spend too much time on it. 

One might think that in order to prepare for such an intimate show, where diners are seated within close proximity listening to your music, Phil must prepare for hours upon hours. But nope! Phil doesn’t do any specific warm up of sorts. No finger exercises, no stretching. He attributes his stellar piano playing to one thing that he must do before the show. What might that be? Obviously ordering a five star meal from the menu at The Captain’s Table. Phil begins each evening at the bar with his favorite bartenders having a relaxing meal before setting the ambiance of the evening.

The Captain’s Table Serves Music, Too!

Phil loves the locals and visitors alike as he tickles the ivories in OCMD.

When asked about his job Phil explains, “I enjoy all the locals and all the people who return year after year in addition to meeting new people. I also enjoy the great staff at The Captain’s Table. It’s a great place!” Phil loves when his audience requests songs for him to play. He plays various genres of music from oldies to new music such as Billy Joel. Tony Bennett, and even Lady Gaga. But the one song that people ask for the most is…you guessed it- Elton John’s Piano Man.

You can catch Phil Perdue tickling the ivories at The Captain’s Table every Friday and Saturday evenings beginning at 5pm-9pm. To get the full feel of a relaxing evening of live piano music, grab yourself a seat nearby and order a glass of The Captain’s Table infused liquor behind the bar, which changes seasonally. Previously they’ve offered bacon infused brandy and summer sangria. It’s been said to taste like “summer in a glass.”

The Boardwalk and 15th Street

Local Phil Perdue attributes a great dinner at The Captain’s Table to his melodic nightly performances.

The Captain’s Table is located directly on the boardwalk inside The Courtyard by Marriott on 15th street and Atlantic Avenue. This summer The Captain’s Table offered a new menu which now includes a decadent surf and turf, lobster stir fry, and tomahawk steak that will leave you speechless. In addition to a new menu, the most experienced bartenders in Ocean City are serving up dazzling cocktails such as espresso martinis and scotch on the rocks to warm you up on the upcoming fall evenings.


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