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Just when you thought the water couldn’t get any more extreme, the latest craze in adrenaline pumping watersports hits Ocean City, Md: the hoverboard. In fact, Ocean City’s own Odyssea Watersports is the first company to bring the hoverboard to the state of Maryland. Straight out of ‘Back to the Future’ the hoverboard is part surf/skateboard and part flying machine that lets you hover on and above the water.

Another widely popular new watersport option is the jetovator (also known as the Jet-lev). If you want to take your vacation to the next level, get off the beach and let the jetovator give you the ride of your life. Literally jet propelled, the jetovator connects to the jet unit on your personal watercraft using a 40 hose, and offers simple-to-use controls to let you rise 30 feet above the water, dive up to ten feet below, and zoom along at up to 25 mph, all while your buddy driving the jet ski looks up in envy.

If you’d rather be below the water than above it, Ocean City also has a number of other exciting water activities including the underwater exploration of snorkeling and SCUBA diving. These activities let you discover a new world under the sea and add some exotic to your vacation.

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