Ocean City Beaches FAQ

Answers to the most frequently asked questions

1. Where Can I Park?

There is plenty of Free parking in the West Ocean City Park and ride. There you can buy an all day bus ticket that will take you pretty much anywhere worth going in Ocean City. There’s not a ton of free parking in town but the Park and Ride is one of your best bets.

You can pay to park at the meters around town and in the Inlet. Here’s more information on municipal parking.

2. Where can I find out about beach safety?

The Ocean City Beach Patrol gives regular safety demonstrations and also is more than happy to help people find their way around the beach.  They also contribute a regular safety column to OceanCity.com and are happy to have you reach out to them via the town’s website.

3. Are the beaches free?


The beach is open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.  and the Ocean City Beach Patrol is on duty 10 a.m.- 5:30 p.m. Always obey the Beach Patrol’s instructions, swim near a lifeguard at all times, and have a buddy with you when you’re in the surf.  NOTE: Town Ordinances prohibit throwing balls/Frisbees and other sports on the beach between 9am and 5:30pm from May 30 to September 15.

4. Where can I surf?

That depends, but there’s an algorithm. Two beaches are reserved every day as ‘surfing beaches’ and their locations rotate daily. In addition, one section of beach along the inlet is reserved for surfers. It’s open Monday to Friday during the summer, except on July 4. Check out our surfing page for more information.

To discover today’s surfing beaches or learn about the OC surf report:

5. Is surf fishing allowed?

Surf fishing is welcomed in Ocean City, but for safety’s sake, regulations require you remain 50 yards away from anyone on the beach or in the water between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. There are regulations against luring sharks and chumming.

6. Can I bring my pet?

Pets are allowed on the beach and boardwalk from October 1 to April 30 in Ocean City and any time on Assateague; however, pets must be leashed at all times and the owner is responsible for removing any waste. There are lots of pet friendly hotels in town. Also,  The Ocean City Dog Park is on 94th Street, bayside.

7. Where can I find a public restroom in Ocean City?

All locations are accessible for the physically challenged.

    • Boardwalk at Worcester Street
    • Boardwalk at Caroline Street
    • 3rd Street & St. Louis Avenue next to Skate Park
    • Boardwalk at 9th Street
    • Boardwalk at 27th Street
    • S. Division Street Transit Center
    • Park & Ride on Rt. 50, just west of Harry Kelley Bridge
    • Transit Center on 144th Street


Rinse-off spigots are provided at the following locations:

  • Caroline Street (4)
  • Inlet Beach (4)
  • 9th Street (2)

8. Are there universally accessible beaches?

Ocean City’s beaches are for everyone and the town provides access for the physically challenged at several locations. Look for the special blue signs at these street entrances along Coastal Highway:

Inlet Beach, Somerset St., Talbot St., N. Division St., 12th St., 25th St., 35th St., 37th St., 40th St., 48th St., 59th St., 70th St., 81st St., 89th St., 94th St., 107th St., 120th St., 130th St., 139th St., 145th St.

9. Are there wheelchairs available?

The Town of Ocean City provides beach wheelchairs at designated locations from 10am to 5pm daily, from Memorial Day to Labor Day. They are available from the Beach Patrol on a first-come, first-serve basis. Beach wheelchairs must be used within one block (north or south) of the location where you picked it up, and must be returned by 5 p.m. These locations may change depending on availability: Inlet Lot, 7th St., 30th St., 40th St., 48th St., 59th St., 70th St., 81st St., 89th St., 94th St., 107th St., 120th St., 130th St., 139th St., 145th St.

The Ocean City Police Department provides beach wheelchairs at 65th St., bayside. You can reserve one in advance for one or more days of use. Certain restrictions may apply. For more info, call 410-723-6610.

The Ocean City Visitors Center also offers beach wheelchairs by advance reservation for 1-3 days of use. For more info, visit the Convention Center on 40th Street or call 410-289-2800.

10. What’s going on on the Boardwalk?

We do a pretty good job at keeping up with the free activities in Ocean City and on the Boardwalk. Feel free to check out our events page or subscribe to our mailing list.


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