Ocean City Digital Services

OceanCity.com has been working since 1999 to drive new customers into our clients’ businesses. We started a movement, Shore Craft Beer, in October of 2015 both to make the Shore a craft beer destination and to drive new customers into our existing clients’ businesses. Now, we are combining all our resources to make this effort even more effective by not only driving new customers to our clients, but also by helping them keep and develop relationships with the ones they already have.


Let us help you by

  1. Analyzing your current site and making professional recommendations.
  2. Analyzing your current social media efforts and making professional recommendations.
  3. Coordinating your efforts with ours to improve your efficacy exponentially.
  4. Working with you to identify your needs and then training you or implementing a plan with you to get more customers into your business.
  5. Improving your Google listings and ranking.
  6. Promoting your business on Facebook more efficiently and effectively.
  7. Using our contacts to help promote your businesses better

We have more organic assets than any agency in Ocean City to ensure that you get the best possible promotion for your business.

Currently, we have multiple targeted channels and assets that we can use to help your business get new customers:

  • OceanCity.com
    • This site has millions of page views, well over a million users, and each user spends around 6 minutes on the site.
    • We rank on the first page of Google for most keywords related to Ocean City
    • We have name primacy for our site — 20% of our traffic comes directly to our site because of our name or because of our content.
  • Ocean City Newsletter
    • over 50,000 newsletter subscribers.
  • OCfun Facebook Page with 152,000 fans
      • This is one of the best examples of our success since we have the highest level of engagement (reactions, comments and shares) of any page for the Ocean City area.
      • We can link clients’ efforts with our own to multiply success for our clients.  Here is just one example of a negative situation that we helped resolve with this post from us.

  • Twitter, Instagram, and other Social Media channels
  • Shore Craft Beer, Shore Craft Beer Fests, and the Shore Craft Beer App
    • Locally produced craft beer is huge and we are on top of the trend to bring the consumer the best possible information on all the breweries and locally made craft beers.  This successful effort, in turn, drives these affluent customers into our clients’ businesses.
  • Best of Ocean City
    • We have the only Best of Ocean City contest where the consumer is the ONLY one who determines the winners. We, however, can highlight businesses and use our other assets to drive voting for the best of designation.
  • Google Street View Trusted Photographer
    • google_trusted_street_view_logoTony Russo, OceanCity.com’s content editor, is the ONLY Street View Trusted Photographer in Ocean City or even on the Shore!
    • We use traditional and 360 photos to help your business get more and better attention in searches.