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Cheap Hotels in Ocean City, MD

Tips on How to Save Money on your
Hotel Stay in Ocean City, Maryland

Cheap Hotels in Ocean City, MD

How to find discounts and deals on hotel rooms

Cheap Hotels in Ocean City, MD are hard to find, particularly this year.  There are hotels that are a little less expensive, but let’s face it, they still cost a significant amount of money. On top of that, this post COVID world has created a shortage of employees.  All of these conditions lead to a less than ideal situation when it comes to finding rooms you can afford. This page is dedicated to those who want cheap hotels in Ocean City, MD, but may actually prefer a discounted rate rather than an actual “cheap hotel.”

The Good News

  • You can get great rates at some of our best hotels even in the middle of summer.
  • We have gathered a list of the best deals we could find at Ocean City, MD area properties.
    • Each listing is linked to a full description of the hotel that includes video, photos, descriptions and more.
  • Better prices are always available mid-week and off-season.
    • You can frequently cut the price of your vacation and still conserve your days off by choosing one weekday and one weekend night.

Save Money on Hotels and other Lodging in Ocean City, MD

Ocean City, Maryland can be an expensive place to stay if you aren't careful.   There are many ways to save yourself money, however. GET A GREAT RATE: The first is to be sure that you are getting a great rate.  Many hotels have specials and discounts that you can book online directly through OceanCity.com.  Many of these specials have restricted dates, so if you aren't too particular about your dates of stay, be sure to look at the specials calendar associated with each offer.   Click here to find great deals and discounts. You can also do a search for reservations by date in the...

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More Ways to Save $

Find more ways to save money on your vacation in Ocean City.

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Hotels that Have Specials in Their Listings

Just click on a listing to learn more about their specials

The hotels listed below have added a link to their specials or coupons in their listing on OceanCity.com. If you click on the “details” button to open the full hotel listing, you will see a “Special Offers” tab in the right column. Some of these specials do not apply, others will save you money.  

Grand Hotel


Seabonay Motel


Aloft Ocean City


Boardwalk Hotel Group


Park Place Hotel