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The face of Ocean City brewing has changed

Over the last few years, Ocean City’s emerging craft beer scene has given rise to numerous breweries at and around the beach. From the nano-sized Backshore on the Boardwalk to Fin City hidden high in the rafters above Hooper’s Crab House to Burley Oak in Berlin which was rated “world-class” by BeerAdvocate, there are unique breweries cranking out craft brews for literally every type of beer drinker.

In June 2014 a new member was added to the local craft beer family when the Ocean City Brewing Company opened its doors on 56th St and Coastal Highway, forever changing the face of Ocean City brewing.

Occupying the longtime Adkin’s building, no detail was overlooked as the Ocean City Brewing Co. makes use of every square inch of the massive warehouse for its impressive operation that features an enormous array of craft beer- the majority of which are brewed just feet away from where customers drink them. Ocean City Brewing Co. prides itself on having a multitude of beers for every taste. OC Light, Route 50 Pale Ale, Kraken IPA, Stare Back Porter, and OC Lager- OC’s only locally made lager- are just a few of the original offerings you will find at the OC Brewing Co. The large list of mainline beers notwithstanding, Ocean City Brewing Co. releases new brews and experimental batches basically every week, so there is always something new for you to try waiting on tap.

Accompanying Ocean City Brewing Co.’s wide selection of beers is a stunning, 220 seat restaurant and taproom with a gorgeous hardwood bar, communal Oktoberfest-style tables for making new friends, and 154 inch televisions for watching your favorite teams and the biggest games. The brewery also boats a state-of-the-art kitchen dishing out local favorites and elevated pub food that includes appetizers, sandwiches, homemade sausages, gourmet flat breads, and perhaps the widest selection of handmade, specialty egg rolls ever compiled.  Ocean City Brewing Co. rounds out the customer’s drinking and dining experience with a fully stocked gift shop where patrons can grab growlers and OC Brewing swag to go.

Whether you’re a traditional light beer drinker looking to try something new, or a beer geek looking for a taste that is unique to OC, a stop at the Ocean City Brewing Company is a must during your next trip to the beach. For those of you who can’t wait that long, see below for a sneak peek at the remarkable home of the Ocean City Brewing Co.

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Anthony started as a freelancer before being hired as OceanCity.com’s Senior Writer and Content Editor. He received his B.A. and Master’s education in American and local history at Salisbury University, where he was a National Honor Society member and intramural softball champion. Prior to working at OceanCity.com, he held nearly every position in the restaurant industry and ran a personal webpage/satire blog. When he’s not hunched over his laptop writing about all things Ocean City, or doing hands on research at bars and events, he spends his time exploring the Shore’s best craft beer breweries, watching the Ravens and Orioles, cooking gourmet meals, attempting (unsuccessfully) to improve his golf game, and daydreaming about his favorite holiday, Punkin Chunkin.

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