YEAR IN REVIEW: Sandy spares Maryland coast in most instances

(Dec. 28, 2012) All things considered, Worcester County fared rather well during Hurricane Sandy. No lives were lost, but two men did put themselves in harm’s way when they went out in a boat from West Ocean City to see the storm up close. They, and their boat, were swept ashore at Assateague Island.



Oct. 28: County, municipal and state personnel manned the Emergency  Operations Center and shelters opened at Stephen Decatur High School and Snow Hill High School. Pet-friendly shelters opened at two schools and the Snow Hill Animal Control.

Approximately 300 people and 46 pets stayed in the shelters.

Although Sandy brought little in the way of wind, the hurricane combined with the lunar cycle and already existing low-pressure systems to create a remarkably high tide. Given that the town drains toward the bay, it was that side that saw tidal surges flowing back up out of the storm drains and flooding the streets in Ocean City before Sandy’s rainy weather had even hit.

Oct. 29: Some houses in West Ocean City had water inside because of Sandy, three homeowners in South Point lost part of their properties and water ravaged some bayfront residences in Warren Park in Ocean City and tore apart some bayside docks, piers and boardwalks. Water got into a fuel tank in Pocomoke and some houses on Ayres Creek were damaged, but overall the county was spared major damage.

Emergency Services Management Director Teresa Owens said the county “fared very well.”

Numerous trees and power lines were downed during the height of the storm, but most county infrastructure had little or no significant damage.

There was no damage to the Boardwalk that is being reconstructed on the oceanside in Ocean City, but part of the pier was destroyed. One the bayside, a few boats broke loose from their moorings and ended up on people’s property. One man shot holes in a boat so it would sink before damaging his bulkhead.

Because of the little damage in Worcester County, county and municipal officials offered assistance to Somerset County, especially the hard-hit town of Crisfield.

Oct. 31: Gov. Martin O’Malley walks about one block on the Boardwalk with Mayor Rick Meehan, Sen. Jim Mathias and numerous security personnel to assess the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in the resort.

O’Malley said it was “a beautiful sight” to see Ocean City intact as he flew over it earlier.

It was noticed later in Ocean City that the storm caused a beach to form on the southern side of the inlet jetty.


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