Woman allegedly commits burglary in OC

Woman allegedly commits burglary in OC

(Sept. 5, 2014) A 50-year-old Baltimore woman was arrested Aug. 30 in connection with a burglary and theft at an Ocean City residence and an earlier attempted theft at the Kite Loft on the Boardwalk at Fifth Street.

That day, a man told police that when he went into the living room at about 6:45 a.m., he saw an open window and a woman hiding behind a couch. The woman, whom he did not know, told him that a man had let her into the house, which is on 12th Street. Then she said she was looking for someone, but she must be in the wrong house.

The man told her to leave and she did. The woman who lives in the house followed the intruder as she walked north on the Boardwalk until she reached 18th Street.

When the woman returned to the residence, she noticed that approximately $13 to $15 in $1 bills had been taken from a table in the living room and called police.

The officer got a description of the intruder and her clothing and broadcast it over the police department’s communications system at about 7:35 a.m.

About 10 minutes later, a police officer on the Boardwalk at 30th Street reported seeing a woman matching the suspect’s description changing her shirt and hat and pushing a baby stroller. The officer talked with the woman, who was unable to explain why she had changed her clothing. Because of her behavior and because she matched the suspect’s description, he detained her. She produced identification in the name of Gail Elizabeth Evans.

Shortly before 8 a.m., the officer who had gone to the house took the man to the Boardwalk to determine if he could identify the suspect, who stood between two officers so he could not see the handcuffs. The man said he was 100 percent certain that the suspect was the woman he had seen in his house.

During a search of Evans after her arrest, police found marijuana, a glass smoking pipe, a grinder used to process marijuana before smoking it, $163 cash, a Canon camera, metal knuckles and a fighting knife.

The woman who lived at the house checked her purse and discovered that a Canon camera and $150 cash were missing from it. She identified the camera in Evans’ possession as the one that had been in her purse.

Police charged Evans with first-, third- and fourth-degree burglary, two counts of theft under $1,000, possession of less than 10 grams of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia and possession of a prohibited weapon.

After Evans arrest, the investigating officer in an attempted theft at the Kite Loft on Aug. 27 learned Evans might be the suspect in his case.

On Aug. 27, a woman wearing a camouflage pattern tank top with OC written on it, blue shorts with Ocean City written on the left leg and white socks with black sandals entered the kite store at about 2:30 p.m. and walked behind the counter where she tried to open the cash register, according to the charging document. While she was there, customers approached her and she directed them to another area of the store. When an employee asked her what she was doing, she said she was looking for a pumpkin spinner.  Then she walked around briefly before leaving.

While there, she had pressed buttons on the cash register and the screen displayed $1,000, but the drawer remained locked.

Employees gave police three photos from the surveillance camera and the officer put the information about the attempted robbery on the police department’s roll call pad.

On Aug. 30, the officer heard about the 12th Street burglary and learned that the suspect might be the suspect in the Kite Loft attempted theft so he went to the booking area to meet with Evans. She was wearing the same camouflage top the suspect in the Kite Loft incident had worn.

When he asked her if she had heard about the Kite Loft, she reportedly said, “Yes, absolutely,” but denied ever being in it. Later, she said she recalled being inside the Kite Loft.

She also reportedly said she had gone behind the counter to try to get change, but she did not get any. She said she needed change for a dollar so she could use a pay phone.

When the officer asked her if she had a cell phone with her at the time she was in the Kite Loft, she said yes.


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