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Winterfest of Lights kicks off for free on Thursday

We like events, we like big deals and we like things to do in Ocean City, so it’s a little exciting for us when something we’ve been looking forward to finally kicks off, and this week it’s the Winterfest of Lights.
What’s better and it does get better from here is that for the opening night the ride is free for all comers. So however excited we were about events when you add in the whole “free” modifier it just gets better.
It’s not the trendiest thing, nor is it the most exciting – but it’s good solid family entertainment open to the public.
Really, the only other family-oriented entertainment I have that comes close is that a few years ago my father declared he was going to add an additional string of lights to the tree every year from then on, and he has.
Well, more exactly, I have because the lights became my job many years ago. Now, the Winterfest of Lights is said to feature more than one million incandescent bulbs, and the Griswold house of National Lampoons Christmas
Vacation slid in with, someone check me on this, 250,000 bulbs, so this is four Griswolds worth of Christmas lights.
Has anyone effectively used Chevy Chase characters are units of measurement before? We’re not first in many things but I will wear that crown with pride I can tell you. Closer to home, Dad’s count is still, I believe, in the hundreds. It’s definitely less than two thousand. I think.
Since no one and I mean no one is driving a tram through my parent’s house for the holidays, primarily because it’s a three-hour drive from Ocean City and secondarily because it would be insane the Winterfest of
Lights is what you’ll have to settle for.
If you haven’t been, and you should go, it’s a tram ride through stories, fairy tales and popular characters from movies all while holiday music is piped in over the tram’s speakers. They add a couple and replace a few others every year, and as a matter of course they don’t tell anyone what’s new until the actual event.
After the tram ride there’s the Yukon Cornelius gift shop which also offers snacks and beverages like hot chocolate. It’s in a heated tent so whatever chills you get from Winterfest (from the temperature there are no scares to be had here) can quickly be shaken off. Santa’s in town too so you can grab some snaps while you’re there.
Because it’s opening night there will be a formal “switching on” ceremony at 5:30 when the event kicks off. From there it’s free rides all night long.
But if you miss it or can’t make it this week – no problem. The event continues until the New Year, and if you miss out on the free ride portion it’s not like it jumps to $20 per head or more on Friday – tickets are just $5.
It’s a perfect deal and a nice way to spend the weekend before we’re into serious holiday territory. Check it out for nothing now or for a measly fin by Friday.


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