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Winter Wetsuits

Its getting super cold outside and that is going to drop the ocean temps quick on us.  I figured id share a few of my thoughts on wetsuits for everyone.

Its crazy how far suits have come in the last few years.  To be honest, wetsuit technology changes from year to year.  The warmth and comfort of the new suits make winter surfing very easy.  If you are an avid water men, good wetsuits can be the best money you will ever spend.  They make surfing in the winter FUN and that’s what it is all about.

Newer is better!  The technology is worth new suits every 2 or so years in my opinion.  The newer the suits the more sealed the seems will be.  The materials are everything in wetsuits and the super stretch suits make it almost as if you don’t have a suit on at all.

There are even heated wetsuits now with a ton of variety.  Here is a site that will show you a lot of different option there: http://www.heatedwetsuitreviews.com/

The suits I am wearing are made by Rip Curl and I love them.  Onie’ll, Quicksilver, Xcel and Hyperflex all make great winter wetsuits.

My best advice on suits is spend the extra few bucks!  The costs go up with materials when it comes to wetsuits and the materials make all the difference in the world.  If you have questions or want some advice, email me at brianstoehrbodyboarding@gmail.com and ill do my best to help out.

Here is a buyers guide that ESM has on wetsuits.  Has all the tech info you could ever want:


Brian Stoehr
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