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Watersport Adventures Abound in Ocean City

If you’re in Ocean City, Md for Senior Week, or any other reason, with the intent of getting wet and wild out on the water, you may find yourself immersed in the array of watersport companies waiting to give you the ride of your life.  Each company offers different watersport options, operates under different rules, has different ride areas, and uses different equipment, so choosing the one that best suits your watersport aspirations can be a daunting task.

That’s where we come in. Below you will find key information about many Ocean City watersport companies that will make your rental process smooth sailing. From jet skiing and parasailing to kayaking and stand up paddle boarding to sunset sails and yoga classes, if you want the best information on Ocean City watersports, you’ve come to the right place.

Odyssea Watersports and Paradise Watersports dominated the Best of Ocean City® 2014 awards for jet ski and parasailing rentals, with Odyssea taking home the top honors in both voter’s polls, and Paradise claiming the ‘Editor’s Pick’ in each category.

Odyssea Watersports

Odyssea Watersports boasts brand new Kawasaki 1500cc jet skis that hold up to 3 people, or a combined weight of 400lbs. Odyssea offers GoPro camera rentals to capture your jet ski ride on video and also has ramps and storage facilities for your convenience. Anyone planning to drive a jet ski must be at least 16 years of age, sign a release form, and provide a copy of his/her driver’s license. Anyone under 18 must have a legal guardian of 21+ sign the release form and provide a copy of the guardian’s license as well. (Save time by printing and filling out your rental agreement before you come.) Jet ski rentals at Odyssea cost $85/ hour and &65/ half hour.

Odyssea also offers stand up paddleboard (SUP) rentals for $20/hour, $40/ 3 hours, and $60/ day. And is home to the iconic OC Screamer- a jetboat that dumps 1000’s of gallons of water on your head as it fishtails, spins, and power slides around the bay.

Odyssea’s sister businesses- Action Watersports and OC Baysports- are three of a select few companies in Ocean City to offer the latest evolution in waterspors: the jetovator. Part jet ski, part jet pack, the jetovator goes where no watersport has gone before- allowing you to hover high above the water and perform adrenaline pumping tricks. A ride through the air on the jetovator costs $75 for 15 minutes or $150 for half an hour. Pilots must be 18+ or 16 with a parent’s signature.

Paradise Watersports

Paradise Watersports has a fleet of brand new Seadoo GTI 1500cc jet skis that hold up to 3 people of 450lbs.  All drivers must be 16 or older and anyone under 18 must have a parent/guardian sign the rental agreement. Paradise lays claim to one of the largest jet ski ride areas in Maryland and charges $90/ hour per jet ski.

Paradise Watersports is also one of Ocean City’s premier parasailing companies. At Paradise, up to 3 people, or a combined weight of 425lbs, can sail together 400, 600, or 800 feet above Ocean City- giving a literal bird’s eye view of the resort town. There is no age limit to parasailing at Paradise Watersports, but anyone under 18 must have a parent/guardian sign the waiver and no one under 100lbs can ride alone. Parasailing costs $60/ person for 400ft, $70/ person for 600ft, $80/ person for 800ft, and $20 for on boat observers.

48th Street Watersports

48th Street Watersports, an impressive beachside facility located on 48th Street and the open Isle of Wight Bay,  is Ocean City’s original Stand Up Paddleboard headquarters and home to a plethora of other watersports and activities, including:

– Stand Up Paddleboard rentals at Ocean City’s original SUP headquarters cost $20/hr, $40/3hrs, and $60/day.

photo by: www.48thstreetwatersports.com/

-Prefer to sail instead of stand? 48th Street Watersports offers private sailing lessons and rentals. Set sail aboard the two-person Sunfish ($35/hr, $70/3hrs, or $100/day), the 4 person, 14’ single sail catamaran ($40/hr, $80/3hrs, or $120/day), or the 16’ Prindle Catamaran ($50/hr, $100/3hrs, or $150/day). Not sure how to sail? Let the pros a 48th Street Watersports train you in safety and operation. Basic lessons cost $25 and private sessions are $50.

-Wind surfing is another unique option at 48th Street Watersports. Rentals cost $30/hr, $60/3hrs, and $90/day. Lessons are available at the same rates as sailing.

-Paddleboat around the bay in a two person boat for $20/hr, $40/3hrs, or $60/day or a 4 person paddleboat for $35/hr, $70/3hrs, or $90/day.

-Lots of places offer scenic kayaking, but how many of them bring the kayak to directly to you? The team at 48th Street Watersports will deliver you kayak, so you can explore any part of Ocean City you chose!  Rentals cost $15/hr, $30/3hrs, and $55/day. Double kayaks can be rented for $25/hr, $45/3hrs, and $65/day. Don’t want to kayak around 48th St? The team at 48th Street Watersports will.

-Kayak and SUP eco tours are available at 48th Street Watersports. Kayak tours cost $25/person and SUP tours cost $30/person. -Looking to stay limber on your vacation? 48th Street Watersports offers combination yoga classes each Thursday and Sunday beginning at 8:30am, including 45 minutes of power yoga followed by 45 minutes of kayaking or SUP.

-Forgot your surfboard? Rent one from 48th Street Watersports for $20/hr or $40/3hrs.

OC Jetovator

OC Jetovator is the original home of Ocean City’s newest watersport craze. Half jetski, half jet pack, and 100% adrenaline rush, the jetovator gives you the chance to cruise around, and above, the bay on water propelled jets. If you’re looking for the ride of a lifetime, why not entrust the people who have owned the jetovator longer than anyone else to give it to you? A 20 minute flight on the Jetovator costs just $99 and riders of all ages are encouraged to give it a try.

Bayside Boat Rentals

The family owned and operated Bayside Boat Rentals has been providing Ocean City with some of the best watersport experiences since 1999. They not only offer the newest equipment on the market, but also have a highly knowledgeable and certified staff to help you use it! As you probably guessed from the name, Bayside specializes in boat rentals. Whether you want to sun, fish, and crab on a pontoon boat, or rockets across they bay on one of Ocean City’s only jet boats, Bayside has an entire fleet at its disposal to deliver all the excitement you can handle.

If jetskiing is your desire, there are few better places in town than Bayside, which offers brand new Kawasaki 1500cc skis that seat up to 3 people. All renters must be at least 16 with a photo ID and are asked to arrive 30 minutes prior to their ride in order to complete a Maryland Boater’s Safety course. Skis cost $85/hr.

Superfun Eco Tours

Superfun Eco Tours provides scenic tours of Assateague Island and equipment rentals.

Superfun Eco Tours is one of Ocean City’s premier eco tour and kayak, bicycle, SUP, and canoe rental companies.  Let one of Superfun Eco Tour’s professional guides lead you on an exotic tour of Assateague Island, or rent all the equipment you need for a personal adventure. Wildlife, Sunset, shellfishing, team building, and Burley Oak tours available starting at $50/adult and $30/kids. Rent a kayak for $15/hr or $50/day, SUP for $15/hr or $50/day, bicycle for $10/hr or $30/day, or canoe for $25/hr or $75/ day.

Water Ways Marina, located on 54th Street Bayside, offers a full service shop for all personal watercraft maintenance and high performance work, has used jet skis for sale, new and used parts and accessories, and provides summer and winter storage. First time customers can receive 10% off labor and parts on their first repair by emailing waterwaysmarinaoc@yahoo.com for a discount coupon.


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