Vegan cannibals

Vegan cannibals


So many unrelated matters of public interest have been happening in recent weeks that it’s difficult to address them in any kind of order that makes sense, not that making sense appears to be a public priority these days.

Any number of people, for instance, have tuned into the Bruce Jenner-is-turning-himself-into-a-woman saga. I don’t get the fascination, considering that so many people ­– thousands, apparently – have already done what Jenner plans to do.

If you look at it in baseball terms, it’s just not that big of a deal: having cleared his own waivers about this business, he has designated himself for assignment.

On the other hand, what is interesting is that surgeons around the world have become so good at this sort of thing that it wouldn’t surprise me to hear that someone has taken the dual approach, as it were, in order to become a true utility player.


The Russian cargo rocket headed to the international space station went out of control this week and is headed back toward Earth. Although much of the craft is expected to burn in the atmosphere, some chunks will land. The problem is, no one can say exactly where that will happen and, worse, might not know until right before it hits.

The good news, however, is that all the major networks are prepared for this eventuality and have created emergency messages to be broadcast as soon as possible before impact.

They do advise, however, that “DUCK!” might not be all that timely under the circumstances. In addition to that warning, and depending on where the debris hits, Fox News has another one on standby: “They had it coming.”


A news item in one of the big daily papers this week reported that a great number of people prefer vegetarian-fed chicken, which would be the same thing as saying that people who eat people would prefer to eat people who don’t eat people, if you can follow that logic.

Chickens will eat anything, of course, but the real question is whether the vegetables vegetarian chickens eat are fertilized with chicken …. and whether that chicken came from a vegetarian chicken or  ….

It just goes on and on.


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