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Try OC Kabob for Mediterranean food in OC

There is only one place to go in Ocean City if you’re hungry for Mediterranean food: OC Kabob. The welcoming owners and staff opened their doors to customers in February and business has been booming ever since. As the only place in Ocean City for genuine Mediterranean food, you can be sure that the menu reflects unspoiled authentic Mediterranean cuisine.



The grill’s specialty items are their kabobs. Customers can get skewers of beef fillet, chicken, pork, lamb, kafta mixed or ground beef, seafood, and vegetables. Are you a vegetarian? OC Kabob has more than 20 different 100% vegetarian options on their menu.


As an entree, kabobs are served over rice or couscous with a side house salad and vegetables. Kabob sandwiches range in price from $5.29 to $8.49 and will satisfy your need for great food. Hot Paninis come straight off of the grill and are served still steaming.


Appetizers include homemade hummus, fresh grape leaves filled with rice and spices, goat cheese, falafels, baba ghanouj, pitas, chicken wings, stuffed peppers, Greek yogurt and Greek quesadillas.



For dessert, try the baklava or the rice pudding. Also available are freshly-made cheesecake bites. Coffee and tea pair well with any of the delectables on the menu.



OC Kabob is located inside of the Gold Coast Mall in northern Ocean City. The restaurant and the mall are on 115th Street and Coastal Highway. The restaurant is open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.



Be sure to try OC Kabob the next time you’re in Ocean City! Say hello to the staff, eat lots of good food, and enjoy your Mediterranean experience at OC Kabob.





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