Trump: What an …

Trump: What an …


The good thing about Donald Trump running for president is that we already know what he is, while we usually have to wait a few months after the winner takes office to find out that, yep, he’s an ——— too.

Not to be unduly cynical, but in all my voting years, we have never had a president who lived up to his pre-election reputation as a non———-, at least in my opinion and despite the public’s tendency to think more kindly of them as the years pass.

This process begins immediately following the departure of the incumbent: “Boy, am I glad to see that ——— leave office.

Year two: “Yeah, well, New President So-and-So may be an ——— in some regards, but he’s not as big an ——— as the ——— who preceded him.”

Year eight: “Boy, am I glad to see that ——— leave office. He was no different than that previous ———.”

Year 15: “You know, on balance, Old President So-and-So may have been an ——— but he was MY ———. “

Year 20: “Let’s name something after him.”

The progression does shift directions somewhat as even more time passes and historians and scholars can evaluate the presidential performance through an emotionless rearview mirror.

Year 40: “A detailed comparison of the accomplishments of Old President So-and-So to those of more recent White House occupants show that he was one hard-working ———.”


Year 40: “Recently discovered documents in the presidential archive reveal that Old President So-and-So was an ——— of the first order.”

Year 41: “Let’s rename that thing we named after him.”

That’s the upside of Trump – it won’t take 40 years to figure him out, thus saving Americans a great amount of time and expense. In addition, should he win, we wouldn’t have to worry about naming anything after him, as he will already have taken care of that himself, thus also sparing Americans of the trying debate over whether the ——— deserves that kind of recognition.

Any number of people will contend that I am not qualified to judge the abilities of any presidential candidate, even though that’s what voters, competent or not, are supposed to do.

I strongly disagree and that’s because over the course of my long career I have been recognized periodically as something of an ——— myself.


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