Treasurer’s Office employee dismissed for alleged theft

Treasurer’s Office employee dismissed for alleged theft

(Aug. 22, 2014) After nine years of working in the Worcester County Treasurer’s Office, Katherine Dee Fowler was dismissed for gross misconduct.

During a disciplinary hearing July 22, the Worcester County Commissioners terminated her employment.

Her job as an accounting clerk involved collecting real estate taxes.

Fowler, a Salisbury resident, was charged Aug. 1 with a theft scheme from $1,000 to less than $10,000, four counts of theft from $1,000 to less than $10,000, two counts of theft under $1,000, six counts of embezzlement as an executor/guardian/administrator, making a false entry into a public record, six counts of failing to perform a duty and two counts of illegal computer access.

According to a court document, Fowler stole $7,116.75 between Sept. 27, 2013 and June 4, 2014. She reportedly stole $1,335.33 on Sept. 27, 2013, $2,124.52 on Nov. 5, 2013, $1,262.86 on Jan. 24, $2,063.33 on Feb. 7, $200 on Feb. 21 and $130.71 on March 10 while working in the Treasurer’s Office.

The charges of failure to perform a duty state that she had “the intent to prevent the payment or collection of a tax under the Tax Property Article …” The court document also states that Fowler “did intentionally, willfully and without authorization exceed authorized access to a computer database and software for the purpose of requesting a check for payment on a tax payment account” and for “fraudulently applying payments to taxpayer accounts.”

Fowler’s initial appearance in Circuit Court in Snow Hill was scheduled for Aug. 20. A criminal jury trial is scheduled for Nov. 14.

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