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Today on the Creek

Actually today in the creek is more apt for this day’s adventure.  When my husband’s grandfather tore down an old chicken house 50 years ago it was perfectly acceptable to dispose of the cinder block foundation in the creek.  It actually made perfect sense.  You only had to move the blocks a couple of yards, they would help stabilize the bank of the creek, and an unsightly mess was now conveniently out of sight.  (That is unless you were standing right at the edge of the creek, which they seldom did back then)

So here we are 50 years later and my husband and I are now settling on this beautiful piece of property.  While most of our shoreline is native marsh we have this section of cinder block that is unsightly and makes access to the creek more difficult.  So as time and finances permit we hope to restore this portion of the creek bank to a living shoreline as nature had intended.  Today I donned my husband’s chest waders and waded into the creek.  In just over an hour I managed to clear a 15-foot section of cinder block, brick, and other debris.   The job was easier than I had imagined and although only my hands and arms got wet the water temperature was actually quite pleasant.   I find any time spent on the creek to be peaceful and beautiful even if I’m just clearing large chunks of concrete.

Our next step will be to stabilize the bank with geoweb (http://www.prestogeo.com/geoweb) and fill in with native grasses and vegetation.  This will provide a living shoreline while also providing an excellent soft launch point for our kayaks, canoes, and Carolina Skiff.  I’ll keep you updated on our progress and provide some photos as we go.

Spring is almost here – Happy Paddling!

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