Through the years

 Judging by photos taken of our family vacations to Ocean City, MD. I was probably 2 years old the 1st time I visited this town by the sea. I remember staylng downtown at he Tingle Apartments I believe on Dorchester Street. From my bedroom window at night I could see the Ferris Wheel with the Star shaped light spinning around whenever the ride was in motion. It is still there at Trimpers rides. Inside Trimmpers is the Oldest  Carousel still in operation, and The Whip and the Boat Ride. There was a walkthrough Fun House with Laughing Sal rollicking with her maniacal laugh. Days were spent on the beach, then it was back to the apartment and showers then off to the Ocean City Boardwalk. My Dad would fish at night on the Rt. 50 Bridge. Bicycle rides were always a must. Cotton Candy, Candy Apples, Dolle’s Fudge and Taffy were staples but nothing topped Buckets of Thrashers French Fries and a Fountain Coke from Alaska Stand. 53 years on and I still carry on this tradition, first with my children and now my grandchildren. So many memories crammed into so short a lifetime. Make your reservations now for the coming season and make some memories of your own. You won’t regret these moments that will last a lifetime.

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Trimpers Rides, Ocean City

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